Ancient Nights ~ Preview 2 ~ Fires on Mt. Hoelle

Hey there, rulers. A few weeks back, we took a look at the fire attribute starter deck, Blood of Dragons. Many players enjoyed its mechanics and theming around dragons, dragonoids, dinosaurs, and pigs (actually beasts, but whatever.) Well I'm happy to report that today's Ancient Nights preview is full of fire attribute support cards, for those of you who want to build out that fire starter deck into something a little stronger. Now don't worry, this doesn't mean that Pandora is the only J/ruler in Ancient nights, there's two other ones that we'll get to a little later. For now though, let's dive right into our fire attribute cards!

Beast Den on Mt. Hoelle is a very handy addition if you're running a lot of Dragonoids. It boosts all of your Dragonoids up by +200/+200. Thankfully, this boost stacks with other copies, that means drawing multiple copies won't be a waste, which is actually somewhat common among additions. That's not all this card can do however. Once on the field, you can pay two fire will and banish the addition to search your deck for a Dragonoid, reveal it and add it to your hand. Paying the card's total cost of two and then another two fire will for the ability straight off the bat just for a search is pretty expensive. That's why this card is better played early on, with you taking advantage of its boosts for a few turns. Then you can banish the card with its ability to search out a Dragonoid later.

Next is a total cost one Quickcast chant called Food Supply. This chant is pretty simple, it lets you put five strength counters on your J/ruler and let's you draw a card. Great little card for anyone running a deck that works around strength counters. It's low cost and Quickcast makes it playable at pretty much any time, and being able to draw a card for one will is always useful. Especially when you consider that fire's main draw engine (Rukh Egg and Guinevere) aren't available to us in New Frontiers anymore.

Kirik's signature attacks are the new sub-type of cards called Battle Chants. Ancient Nights has a few new Battle Chants for you to try out, though we're only going to look at one for now. Gotta keep some of that mystery going, right? Anyway, High Speed is pretty potent for a total cost one card. It grants a resonator +200/+200 and Swiftness until the end of the turn. Additionally, the card can be awoken by you removing four strength counters from your J/ruler, which is pretty easy considering cards like Food Supply. Once awakened, the card will also deal 400 damage to your opponent! So that's one fire will to beef something up, give it Swiftness, and deal almost a Lightning Strike's worth of damage to your opponent. The only trouble is that the card doesn't have Quickcast, making it only playable during your main phase. However, the card does have Remnant, meaning it can be played a second time from the graveyard! 

Dragon Call is the quintessential card for anyone running a deck with a hefty amount of Dragons, Dragonoids, or Dinosaurs. It's a total cost one chant that lets you search out any Dragon, Dragonoid, or Dinosaur and add it to your hand. Doesn't seem all that incredible, but a straight up search for only one will is pretty incredible and not to be underestimated. This card increases the consistency of Dragonfolk decks considerably.

Okay let's actually look at some resonators. Environmental Researcher, Fabre is a total cost five Dragonoid resonator that enters the field with 400 ATK and DEF and Flying. That sounds pretty awful at first. However, this resonator has an automatic ability that triggers upon entry that grants you a 1000/1000 fire Dragon resonator token with Flying! That means that this is actually five will for a 1400/1400, except its slightly better than that because its split between two separate Flying resonators, making it harder to get the entire card's influence off the field (a 'destroy target resonator' could only get rid of one of them, leaving you the other). Beyond that the card is pretty much a vanilla Flying card, but two bodies on the field for the price of one is always helpful.

Gourmet Chef, Sherry Shera is a Dragonoid of a similar kind to what we've seen before, just that he's considerably stronger. He's a total cost four resonator with 1000 ATK and DEF, and he'll grant your J/ruler an extra ten strength counters when he enters the field. Similarly to Apprentice Cook, this card is little more than a blank 1000/1000 after its effect has resolved, but an extra 10 strength counters while also playing a 1000/1000 to the field is pretty useful, especially when we can give it Swiftness and +200/+200 for only one more will.

Our last two cards aren't Dragonoids or Dragons, but they're still handy fire attribute resonators that make good additions in an aggressive deck. The first is the total cost one resonator, Red Cap. This Evil Spirit enters the field with Swiftness and 200 ATK and DEF. To make things even better, when Red Cap is put into a graveyard from the field, you can search your deck for another Red Cap and add it to your hand! This card is all about aggression, just attack as much as you can, and with it's ability you can continue your assaults even if your Red Cap is destroyed!

Last for today is the Demon resonator, Kaim, the Demon of Vice. This important looking fellow is a total cost four resonator that enters the field with 1000 ATK and DEF. However, as we'll see in a moment, you're likely going to want to play him when you have five will open. This is because when he enters the field you can immediately recover and take control of a total cost two or lower resonator your opponent controls for the turn. Thankfully this ability also grants that stolen card Swiftness so you can attack with the pilfered resonator right away.  That's not all though, because whenever a resonator you control attacks, Kaim will deal 200 damage to your opponent. So attack with the stolen resonator and deal it's ATK as damage plus an extra 200. But that's STILL not all. By paying one will, and banishing a resonator you can grant Kaim Swiftness for the turn. See the power play yet? Play Kaim for four will, take control of a resonator your opponent controls, attack with it and deal an extra 200 damage, then banish that resonator with Kaim's ability (since you're going to lose control of it at the end of the turn anyway), and attack with Kaim for 1000 plus an extra 200 effect damage! Kaim is a very aggressive and powerful resonator who can pour on the damage on your opponent while also removing a threat from your opponent's field by taking control of it!

Reiya Cluster 1st Set 「Ancient Nights」