Echoes of the New World ~ Preview 2 ~ Return to Refarth

Greetings rulers, and welcome back to our bi-weekly preview articles of Echoes of the New World. Last week, in our first article, we took our first steps with the new Book of Light J/ruler and its key mechanic, Will of Hope. In that article we talked about how there were cards with Will of Hope among every attribute. This time, we're going to be looking at some Will of Hope cards from other attributes! Namely Fire and Wind (though there are Water and Darkness ones that we'll get to a little later!). 

Let's start things off right with three Will of Hope resonators. We haven't seen our friend Fayli since back in the Lapis Cluster fire attribute starter deck, but it seems like she's still up to her usual tricks, though with a new twist this time. This total cost three resonator has Will of Hope (making it easily playable with Book of Light) and it enters the field with 400 ATK and 800 DEF. Not exactly a mid-game powerhouse, but her effect helps make up for that. By paying one fire will and resting Fayli you can create a token copy of ANY resonator you control. The only trouble is that you'll have to banish that token at the end of the turn, so make sure you create a copy of something with Swiftness or you play this ability on your opponent's turn after "end of turn" automatic abilities trigger! This card, of course, makes a lot of interesting gimmick decks possible, particularly when combined with Shadow of Lapis which can target your token copy and create another token copy resonator. In fact, there's a way to create an repeatable loop with Fayli, Shadow of Lapis, and Lilias Petal's Assistant to generate an endless swarm of resonators (Copy, Lilias Petal's assistant, make a copy with Shadow of Lapis, resurrect Shadow of Lapis with the copy's enter ability and repeat). However don't think that means this card should be written off as just a weird deck only card. The ability to generate a copy, while not consistently useful, is an invaluable one in certain situations. With a little foresight this card makes for a great side-board tech card to summon to the field with Re-Earth's enter ability. That way you can keep it on the bench for the times you don't need Fayli's effect without bogging down your deck and hand.

Second in this little trio is the ever so lovely Red Riding Hood. She's a Will of Hope resonator with a total cost of one, making her our first, first turn resonator with Will of Hope (though not the last!). She enters the field with 400 ATK and DEF, which is phenomenal for a total cost one resonator...but that's it. And on the first turn, we're likely going to want something that can help us generate advantage like Sacred Elf or Guinevere. However! Red Riding Hood becomes so much more just a few turns later. Once you've got three magic stones under your control, Red Riding Hood, Rainbow to the Heavens gains both Flying and Swiftness making the card an absolutely phenomenal beat down card, especially when you consider it can easily become a 600/600 with our good friend Millium from last week! This card sets an interesting precedent for an aggressive Will of Hope build. But of course we can't rely simply on a single resonator to achieve that, and what if we just don't want to wait until we have three magic stones for Red Riding Hood to get strong?

That's what we have our fake Red Riding Hood for! Nyarlathotep, the Realized Truth is a total cost two Will of Hope resonator that enters the field with 400 ATK and 600 DEF. She's also got Flying which helps compensate for her somewhat low ATK by improving the card's ability to consistently deal damage to your desire target. Additionally the card releases all of the Seal abilities of fire cards and spells you control! So that means by turn two you can already start dropping Red Riding Hoods or grant Flying and Swiftness to a Red Riding Hood you played on the first turn.  Nyarlathotep also has a fairly interesting activate ability. By paying one will you can give a J/resonator you control +200/-200. Lowering the DEF of your J/resonator doesn't seem too desirable, but remember that activate abilities can be played with Quickcast speed. So you can play this ability after your opponent has or hasn't declared a blocker, boosting the damage your attacker will deal once you know that a lower DEF on your attacking J/resonator is less of a risk.

Let's move on to some non-resonator fire attribute cards now. Rainbow Arrow is a neat little card, and the signature attack of Red Riding Hood. Its a total cost one chant with Quickcast that, under normal conditions, only deals 400 damage to a J/resonator. That alone doesn't make it very exciting, especially when we already have Lightning Strike. However, this card can be awakened by resting a Red Riding Hood, Rainbow to the Heavens you control. Once you do, this card will deal 400 damage to the targeted J/resonator and 400 damage to every other resonator your opponent controls. As such this card is a fantastic cheap little chant to handle decks that like to use lots of low cost resonators. Whether its swarms with elf tokens or lots of early game advantage generating cards like Sacred Elf, Guinivere, Rukh Egg, and Tama. Rainbow Arrow is a great way to clear all of them off your opponent's field without spending to much will.

And since we're on the subject of direct damage, how about an addition that does it too! Blazing Floating Castle, Refarth is a total cost two addition that will grant your J/resonators the ability to block J/resonators with Flying. That alone isn't fantastic though it does make it a potential sideboard swap out card against decks that try to hurriedly play powerful Flying resonators like Gwiber. Refarth also has a Seal (7) ability that, once released, grants it the ability to rest and deal 500 damage to a J/resonator. Obviously by the time we have seven magic stones 500 damage to a J/resonator isn't going to help out all that much. But thanks to Nyarlathotep we don't need to worry about that. With both Rainbow arrow and a released Refarth under your control, you'll be able to control the field well into the mid-game, allowing you to focus your attacks on your opponent without having to worry about their offensive threats or blockers.

As previously stated, we're not looking at solely Fire attribute cards. We finally get to look in on Melfee and see how she's been since the death of her longtime master, Fiethsing. Seems she's the mastermind behind reclaiming Refarth and Fayli, Red Riding Hood, and Nyarlathotep have decided to help her. Anyway, Melfee is a total cost one Will of Hope resonator with only 100 ATK and DEF. She's only got one ability, but it's the entire key to her utility. Whenever another Elf enters your field, Melfee gains a +100/+100 counter. As such, the best way to use this card effectively is to play her in a deck that can pump out a lot of Elf cards. Somewhat ironically, that means that Melfee may actually find her best use in a deck with Fiethsing as the J/ruler, since her effect will generate Elf resonator tokens whenever you play your second card for the turn. Melfee's reliance on other Elf cards entering your field hampers her ability to be effective in Will of Hope focused decks as Will of Hope cards have races spread across the spectrum and likely aren't focused enough for Melfee, especially when we consider how effective Red Riding Hood can be for Book of Light in the early game when it comes purely to dealing damage quickly and effectively. As such Melfee is better off used in Fiethsing decks. Even decks that use Fiethsing as their J/ruler that aren't specifically about playing tons of Elf cards may find Melfee useful as just by the natural course of playing the game they'll be generating tokens and powering up Melfee. While this may not be enough to have her function as your primary damage force, she can certainly function as a secondary one.

However, that's not to say that Melfee is the only Will of Hope Elf card we'll see. Our old friend Christie, hunter of all things evil, is back too! She's a total cost two Will of Hope resonator with 500 ATK and 600 DEF. She's a little weaker than Zero, whom we looked at last time, which is a bit disappointing until we take a look at her ability. When she enters the field, you can remove a darkness resonator from the game! While this initially seems a bit too situational, as there's no guarantee your opponent is running a darkness resonator worth removing, remember that Book of Light/Re-Earth, New World Fairy Tale allows us to call in Will of Hope resonators from outside the game. As such, Christie makes an excellent card to keep one or two copies of in the sideboard. That way you can use your Judgment to call her in, remove your opponent's powerful darkness resonator and gain a nice total cost two resonator on the field to boot! All that for only two will, makes this card great support for Will of Light strategies. That's not to say you couldn't include Christie in your main deck if you really wanted to of course. Feel free to run her in your main deck if you're really expecting some heavy resistance by darkness decks, but even so, you'll likely want to keep her at only a few copies and have a direct swap for something in your sideboard lined up so you can change her out after round one in case your opponent isn't running enough darkness cards for Christie to find her use.

That's all for today, but Echoes of the New World previews will be posted on every Monday and Thursday at 10PM EST/7PM PST, so check back soon for more new cards! And don't forget to look for Echoes of the New World in stores, June 23rd, 2017!

4th Set「Echoes of the New World」