Echoes of the New World ~ Preview 1 ~ Will of Hope

Greetings, rulers! Welcome to the first preview article for the final Lapis Cluster booster pack, Echoes of the New World! We're going to be looking at two sets of cards from Echoes of the New World every week; once on Monday at 10PM EST/7PM PST and again on Thursday at 10PM EST/7PM PST. We've got all manner of new and exciting card's to look at, as Echoes of the New World holds all sorts of fun new mechanics and strategies for us to explore. Let's get started!

Yeah, bet you never saw this coming. It's a book! As a J/ruler! Book of Light is a light attribute ruler that sports the Energize ability for its attribute like other Lapis Cluster ruler cards. It's X cost Judgment ability actually works in tandem with the J-ruler side so let's skip that for a moment and instead look at the two other abilities it has. The first is an ability that restricts your deck construction. It prohibits you from using cards that have Will of Despair in your deck while Book of Light is your ruler. Will of Despair is not a keyword we've ever seen before, it's a new one to this booster set. Don't worry though, the keyword itself doesn't hold any innate abilities, it's just a keyword that interacts with other abilities like we see here. Similarly, we see that Book of Light's final ability allows the player to play cards with Will of Hope with will of any attribute. Will of Hope too, is a keyword without any innate actual ability. So this ruler is similar to Grimm from back in the days of CFC. Not exactly an offensive powerhouse, but since you can play Will of Hope cards (there are a myriad of them across all attributes) with any attribute of will, you can run whatever magic stones you please and therefor include any supporting cards you please. This creates a lot of versatility allowing for you to experiment with different attribute supporting cards to see what works best with your Will of Hope cards.

Alright so what about that tempting Judgment X? Well it's true that you can pay any amount of will to play it, but don't go paying 0 just to get your J-ruler on the field. Take a look at the J-ruler and you'll see why. That's right, this card has no ATK and DEF, meaning it can't attack or block! It is a book after all. That doesn't mean the J-ruler side is without its uses though, far from it. The first thing to note is that the card can't be destroyed (eat your heart out Black Moonbeam). Thankfully, Re-Earth, New World Fairy Tale also retains the ability from the ruler side that allows you to play Will of Hope cards with any attribute, which is certainly handy. The real reason to use this card's Judgment and put it into your field as a J-ruler is Re-Earth's third ability. When it enters your field, you can choose a resonator with Will of Hope you own from outside the game (Remember, "outside the game" means side deck in tournaments, like Overlord Valentina!) with total cost X and put it into your field. So this J/ruler's Judgment cost is essentially a search and play for any Will of Hope resonator, and it doesn't even need to be in your main deck, which frees up space in it to include more support cards. What's even better is that its entirely possible that you will use this ability more than once per game. Re-Earth's final ability makes it return to it's ruler side when the resonator summoned by its entry ability leaves the field. If you really wanted to speed up the process, you could also use High Speed Dash to return Re-Earth to its ruler side as well.

Okay so we know we can play Will of Hope cards with any attribute, but what Will of Hope cards are there? Let's take a look at some. First is Zero, The King's Blade. You'll likely recognize the image by this point as one of the teaser illustrations we've been using for this booster set. Some folks may be a little disappointed to know she's not a J/ruler, even though she already is a pretty strong one from the CFC days. Never fear though! This resonator is still quite vicious. She's a total cost two light resonator with 600 ATK and DEF. Pretty good stats, especially when you consider her abilities. She's got Will of Hope of course, so running her with Book of Light is a smart decision. However, Zero's also got Quickcast, a rarity among resonators and a very welcome one. Drop her on your opponent's turn for a surprise blocker or at the end of your opponent's turn for a surprise attacker once it becomes your turn! She's also got two continuous abilities. The first prevents your opponent from drawing more than one card a turn, which is huge. It might not seem like it at first, but just take a moment to consider how many common things this shuts off. Tama, Guinevere, Charlotte, The Mage the Sacred Spirit, Divine Bird of Attoractia, Hydromonica, and quite a few others. Boom. Suddenly they all become fairly useless, and the fact that this card can be played with Quickcast speed only makes it more savage. This effect alone makes this card not only useful for Will of Hope decks, but even other light focused decks like Millium and Zero from Curse of the Frozen Casket will likely enjoy the advantage a couple copies of this card can bring. Zero's final ability prevents resonators you control from being bounced back to your hand. Not quite as powerful as the anti-draw ability, but also useful and removes one avenue of removal your opponent might try to employ to get Zero off the field. 

Speaking of Millium, he's back as a resonator too! And sporting a handsome new haircut and outfit. Millium, Successor of the Future is a total cost three resonator with 800 ATK and DEF. He's got Will of Hope so running him with Book of Light is a snap. While on the field, he grants all other Will of Hope resonators an extra +200/+200 and Barrier. So play Millium after Zero and watch your opponent grimace in despair as Zero now becomes even more difficult to get off the field and their hand runs out of options. Sadly Millium does not grant himself Barrier with his ability, so watch out, as your opponent will likely be gunning for him with some removal. However, there is a way for Millium to gain Barrier, and no it doesn't involve playing another Millium, Successor of the Future. Millium's final ability is a brand new Seal ability. As explained on the card, Seal abilities are only active, referred to as 'released', when you control the proper number of magic stones. So, in Millium's case, once you control five magic stones, he gains Barrier on himself! There are plenty of other seal abilities throughout the set, so keep your eyes peeled! It's just a shame that you need five whole magic stones under your control to gain Barrier on this card. If only there were another way to-

Oh hey Pandora. As you might've expected by now, she too is a Will of Hope resonator card. She's got a total cost of two and 400 ATK and 700 DEF. Not the beefiest, but that DEF isn't too bad for handling weaker threats. She's got an automatic ability that triggers whenever a J/resonator you control blocks, granting that J/resonator a +100/+100 counter. Not super incredible unless you manage to stack counters repeatedly on a blocker who somehow manages to go a long time without being destroyed, but it's an ability that can stifle your opponent's plans. An extra 100 ATK and DEF can mean the difference between your card being destroyed or your opponent's. Especially if they foolishly forget about this ability. Pandora's real boon, however, is her final ability. It's a continuous ability that releases (makes active) all the Seal abilities of light cards and spells you control. This is incredibly useful as most seal abilities require a high number of magic stones. Just remember that this ability only works while Pandora is on the field so be sure to get Millium out soon after you play her to give her Barrier and protect her from destruction or damage effects.

Pandora's also got her own signature Chant card, and it's an Ancient Magic card? That's...odd. Oh well. I'm sure it will have ABSOLUTELY NO STORY RAMIFICATIONS WHATSOEVER. *Ahem*. Anyway. This total cost one chant prevents you (the player) from being targeted by spells and abilities for the rest of the turn. It also let's you draw a card, which is nice for a total cost one card. The down side is that the card doesn't have Quickcast. So playing this card for just it's base effect will require some proper planning if you're expecting your opponent might try something. Strange Miracle also has a Seal with a requirement of seven magic stones, though we can just bypass this with Pandora. The Seal ability grants the chant extra text that will prevent your J/resonators from being destroyed for the rest of the turn. Its the Seal ability that really makes this card worth it. Giving you access to an incredibly cheap card that sets up life insurance for your J/resonators when you're ready to launch some heavy attacks on your opponent.

That's all for today, but Echoes of the New World previews will be posted on every Monday and Thursday at 10PM EST/7PM PST, so check back soon for more new cards! And don't forget to look for Echoes of the New World in stores, June 23rd, 2017!

4th Set「Echoes of the New World」