Curse of the Frozen Casket ~ Preview 1 ~ Charlotte Alone

Hello once again, rulers of all ages. That special time has come. The time to look at new cards from a brand new cluster. *Fireworks*. This cluster brings all sorts of exciting changes in the continuing efforts of heroes defying Gill Lapis, the would be conqueror. For our very first article regarding the upcoming booster pack, Curse of the Frozen Casket, we’ll be looking at Charlotte and some accompanying water attribute cards.

All my friends are dead!

As many suspected, Charlotte is indeed a ruler in CFC. She’s a water ruler (though not the only one). Water rulers (and indeed cards in general) have gotten a bit of a bad reputation regarding their overall power. There have been a few exceptions here and there of course, but water centric decks have been a bit difficult to consistently win with. Curse of the Frozen Casket (And the Lapis Cluster starter decks) set out to break that trend, and that is well exemplified with Charlotte.

Her judgment cost is a measly total cost two, but more on that later. By now your wandering eyes have likely gravitated to the mysterious new ability she’s equipped with, Energize. This ability is by and large the biggest change coming to the Lapis Cluster. While not written on this card the reminder text is as follows; “As the game starts, if you are not the player going first, you get a will coin with ‘Banish this coin: Produce one water will.’ “. Every ruler from Lapis cluster onwards will have such an ability. The attribute of will the coin can produce is the attribute of the ruler. This, naturally, creates a huge shift in the game’s general win ratios. Statistically it has nearly always been in one’s favor to go first regardless of the situation. Energize offers a solution to this issue. While the first turn player will still be a stone ahead, the one time extra will helps the player going second keep up the pace.

Charlotte does have another ability, of course, and it’s quite good as well. By paying one will and discarding a card from your hand, you can rest a resonator. Now, the minus one to your hand sounds a like a bit of a problematic cost, no one wants to play with no hand. Thankfully, that’s where that nice, inexpensive judgment cost comes in.

I call it the rasengabomb.

When Charlotte enters the field as a J-ruler you’ll be able to draw up to five cards depending on your hand size when the ability resolves. This can absolutely save you when you find yourself without resources and obviously, works well with the ruler side ability. Charlotte also has an ability preventing her from being attacked, making her a great defender with her 1200 DEF. The extra 100 life per card drawn is a nice little benefit too. The J-ruler side has an ability similar to the ruler side, however this one is slightly more expensive. Thankfully the cost is justified, as it will bounce a resonator back to the owner’s hand. As you can easily tell Charlotte is not an offensive ruler, rather she excels at running support for your resonators and harassing your opponent to give you the advantage. However, if you’re still worried about having to discard a card for the rest or bounce abilities, join me over at the next card.

Praise the water.

Boom. The perfect card to discard with Charlotte’s abilities. The card can be played as a 500/500 for a total cost two, which isn’t the worst thing in the world. However the more useful play with this card is to discard it. When you do, it will trigger the card’s ability, allowing you to draw a card. This is fantastic against spells or abilities from your opponent that force you to discard as well as fodder for Charlotte’s abilities.

Practically internet click bait at this point.

Another rabbit card for the many bunny fans among Force of Will Players. A simple card, this cutie enters the field with 200 ATK and 400 DEF for total cost one. Additionally it can be banished to draw a card, though you’ll have to discard a card afterwards, but not if you discard a Charlotte’s Protector since it’s ability will just let you draw another card.

Bears! Bears everywhere! I’m so happy I could cry, bear tears.

Here’s an interesting spell. Charlotte’s Water Transformation Magic (now that’s a mouthful) is a spell that can transform a resonator into a [400/400] Bear until end of turn. Why 400/400? Well what J-ruler just so happens to have 400 ATK? That’s right, this spell turns any resonator into something that can be easily eliminated by Charlotte blocking. This card also has Quickcast, making it easily usable during your opponent’s turn. It also has Remnant meaning if it’s been played or discarded, it can still be used one more time.

You may be wondering about this card’s type, “Chant”. From Lapis Cluster onwards Spell: Chant cards will be referred to as Chant (the Comprehensive Rules will be updated accordingly so that the two names can be used interchangeably). Following this logic, Chants with Quickcast are to be considered the same as Spell: Chant-Instants.

It really looks like she’s smashing the thing.

Summon from Memoria is a handy little spell that will let you look at the top three cards of your deck (Synonymous with ‘main deck’ used in previous clusters) and put one of them into your hand. This card will help you sift through your deck for a card that’s okay to discard with Charlotte’s abilities like Charlotte’s Guardian or Charlotte’s Water Transformation Magic.

Hello there! You look like a trustworthy fellow!

Guide to the Ancient Wall can easily become a huge problem for your opponent. Whenever you play a water chant or addition one of your resonators becomes unblockable. Using this and a beefy resonator can spell doom fro your opponent, as they suddenly find themselves without a reliable way to stop damage, plus anything they try to do to hit you is foiled by Charlotte’s abilities or her bear transformation magic.

10,000 years will give you such a pain in the neck!

Melt to Nothing is very powerful spell that will give all your J/resonators the ability to bounce a resonator back to your opponent’s hand by resting. This spell can help you control the field, clinch a game, or save you from a loss. Coupled with Quickcast, this spell makes for a threat your opponent will constantly be fearful of.

And we have our titular character. Lumia is the one cursed to be trapped in the frozen casket. Her sealed side won’t be doing much as it can’t attack or block, you’ll really only want to play her down on this side to make use of her abilities that let her shift to her other side for a cheaper cost. When her future side enters the field or shifts, you reset your life back to 4000 and salvage a chant from your graveyard back to your hand. Whether it’s directly form your hand or shifted into the field Lumia can bring your back from the brink of a loss, effectively giving you a hard reset with a nice little added salvage. naturally the cost is rather high, but properly executed Lumia can be just what you need to save you.
That’s all for today, but preview articles will be published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3PM JST for the next several weeks, so be sure to check back frequently!
Look for Curse of the Frozen Casket, in stores September 9th!

1st Set Booter Pack 「Curse of the Frozen Casket 」