Curse of the Frozen Casket ~ Preview 10 ~ Glorius, Charlotte’s Protector

Welcome back, rulers! The penultimate preview article is here! Some of you may have seen some of these cards on our live stream from earlier, but let’s have a look at these cards in some greater detail, shall we?

Ah, at last it’s time to talk about Glorius. This mysterious warrior suddenly appeared when Charlotte was in danger, and the knight’s effect reflects that. This resonator has a total cost of three for 600 ATK and 700 DEF. That would be phenomenal for a two cost resonator, but for a three cost card, it’s not that exciting. However, it’s Glorius’ abilities that make it truly fantastic. The masked hero has Quickcast, so you can drop it on your opponent’s turn. What’s more, when it enters the field, you can destroy a J/resonator that dealt damage this turn. So by paying three will, you get to destroy a card, possibly a J-ruler, and you get an extra resonator on your side of the field. That is some great control and can really help swing things back in your favor. As a nice bonus, but paying a fire will Glorius can gain 200 extra attack and First Strike until the end of the turn. Glorius didn’t enter the fray alone though. Glorius’ Summoned Soldier is a standard 600/600 light resonator for two will. The resonator has an automatic ability that will pump up another resonator by 200 ATK and DEF when that other resonator enters the field, great for cards with swiftness or Quickcast blockers like Glorius.

Glorius even comes with a signature Chant card. Escape from Crisis is a Quickcast card that will recover an attacked or blocking resonator, it also prevents the next damage that would be dealt to that card. Truly a savior spell to help keep your defenses tight. At long last we’ve got the return of Cheshire Cat! While quite different from the Grimm Cluster card, this Cheshire Cat is quite strong in her own ways. Already the card is a valuable asset for water, entering the field with 600 ATK and DEF for two will (SKL Valentina anyone?) . Cheshire also has a unique activated ability. It’s free, but you can only use it once per turn. By using it you can choose to either remove a card in your hand from the game, or recover a card removed from game that was removed by this card’s effect. For each card removed by Cheshire’s own ability, she’ll gain +100/+100. Additionally if any card removed by Cheshire had Flying, First Strike, Swiftness, or Precision (Target Attack counts too!) Chesire will gain those abilities. Just imagine removing a card like, say, Pricia, Pursuant of Exploding Flame? Plus, if Cheshire is ever under threat of destruction, you can at least recover one of the cards you removed with her ability by using her ability to take back a removed card. This card’s versatility and strength are sure to prove valuable to many decks.

We’ve also got two other water cards to look at today. Stargazing Fortuneteller is a total cost one card with 100 ATK, but a fairly high 500 DEF. She can also let you draw a card if you pay three will and rest her. This card can help out quite a bit in sealed formats, when draw engines are invaluable, but in constructed she may have a harder time finding her place. Return to the Moon Wererabbit, will bounce an addition card back to the top of its owner’s deck when she enters the field. Couple that with the fact that she’s got fairly good stats for her cost and you’ve got a pretty good wererabbit. Making the opponent waste their draw, while getting a solid resonator on the field is never a bad option. However many players may prefer to keep this card in their side deck, as you never know if your opponent is packing an addition worth bouncing or not.

Lastly for today is a new addition card! Sacred Radiant Soul will deal 700 damage to a resonator when it enters the field and has no other effect until it’s been bestowed to a resonator. Once bestowed, the sacred soul will grant an extra 200 ATK and DEF to the resonator. Remember that when a bestowed resonator is destroyed, the addition is not, it simply remains in the field, unbestowed. So you can drop this card, knock out a pesky Lancelot or Cheshire Cat, and then have a reusable buff to stack onto whatever resonator you wish!
That’s all for today, but the final preview article will be published on Friday at 3PM JST so be sure to check back then!
Look for Curse of the Frozen Casket, in stores September 9th!

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