Curse of the Frozen Casket ~ Preview 11 ~ Extra-Dimensional Invasion

We’ve finally arrived at the final Curse of the Frozen Casket Preview article. Today we’ll see the six remaining unseen cards. We’ve got some serious powerhouses to look over, let’s get right down to it!

Fiery Chariot, Red Boy is a beefy total cost six resonator. Though he’s fire attribute, you’ll want to pay his cost with as many different attributes as you can. For you see, when he enters the field he’ll hit every J/resonator your opponent controls for 500 damage plus 100 times each different attribute you used to pay for his cost. So if you paid for him with only fire will, he’ll deal 600 damage. Fire and water would be 700 damage and so on. Needless to say this can be a great late game player to help regain the board and turn things in your favor. Once on the field he’s got some hefty stats .1400 ATK and DEF is pretty strong, and First Strike helps keep him on the field, even if he’s been blocked by something with equal ATK. Red Boy also brings his unique ability to the game, Introspective Jutsu. This is a Quickcast Chant for three will that will pump up a resonator by 1000 ATK until the end of the turn. This card is similar to Nightmares of R’lyeh, but still distinct. This spell comes without the minus 1000 to DEF, meaning it can be played more easily on one of your resonators, but it cannot function as a destruction spell if needed. Additionally, why Nightmares of R’lyeh can target J/resonators, Introspective Jutsu can only target resonators. Players will have to consider this when deciding which one to use in their deck.

Curse of the Frozen Casket and the Lapis Cluster Starter Decks introduced many new Addition cards. No one loves them more than the Ancient Automaton. This total cost two resonator gains 200 ATK and DEF for each Addition you control. Couple this with a card like Shangri-La and you can turn this resonator into an 800/800 for two will. Speaking of Additions, how about a water one? Shackles of Ice is a very powerful one cost addition. While in the field and not bestowed to anything it will freeze both Rulers. Preventing them from playing their activate abilities. This is an immense power and can really shut down an opponent’s early to mid game, especially in Wanderer when rulers like Grimm are in the mix. Should your opponent use Judgment, or you find yourself no longer needing the Ruler activate lockout ability, you can pay one water will and rest the Addition to bestow it to a Resonator. Once bestowed, the Addition will prevent the bestowed Resonator from using its activate abilities.

Ahh at long last, we can talk about Rising from the Depths. While Mars had Invitation of Disaster as his super high cost spell, Mercurius has this spell. For four will (or mana counters) this spell will bounce all resonators back to their owners’ hands. On it’s own that’s not too bad, especially since it’s Ancient Magic. However, the spell can be awakened by paying six will (or mana counters!). When awakened the spell will first bounce all resonators and then let you play three water resonators from your hand to your field, instantly allowing you to take control of the field. Captain Hook is, without question, the best card to drop with this spell. Dropping two or three Captain Hooks with this spell will let you return many of your opponent’s special magic stones back to their deck, setting their progress back by several turns and giving you a lead on the board and with resources. This is an absolutely monstrous play and your opponent will be wary of it, so make sure you pay for this with as many mana counters as you can so you have open will to deal with Wall of Wind, and watch out for other counter spells! Altea, Nation of Dark Magics is quite possibly the most expensive Addition we’ve ever seen, but it’s for a good reason. Once you get this beast of a card on the field, you can play your first chant of the turn for free every turn! If you manage to get this card out you’ll want to get Ancient Automaton out as well to keep the addition safe!
That’s all for the Curse of the Frozen Casket spoiler articles! Thanks for joining us on this little adventure. Joining a pre-release this weekend? Or maybe you’re just picking up a box when the set comes out next week? Either way, we hope you enjoy the new cards!

Look for Curse of the Frozen Casket, in stores September 9th!

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