Curse of the Frozen Casket ~ Preview 6 ~ Once Upon A Time

In the mood for a story, rulers? I hope you are, because today we journey back to the realm of the fairy tales to see some of Millium’s allies in his quest to rescue his aunt from the clutches of evil! You’ll find that Fairy Tale resonators come in every attribute in the Lapis Cluster, making several different deck types possible, however today we’ll be looking at exclusively light and water attribute cards.

First up are Peter Pan and Wendy. Note that while these cards have similar names, they are separate from the Peter Pan and Wendy that appear in the teaching decks released several months ago. Peter is a total cost three resonator with 500 ATK and 600 DEF. While 600 DEF will keep him out of range of Lightning Strike he’s not packing particularly high stats for his cost. To compensate, Peter’s got some fairly strong abilities. For starters he’s got Flying, which will drastically increase his chances of being able to successfully hit your opponent. He’s also got a fairly potent entry ability. When he hits the field he’ll let you search your deck for a Fairy Tale resonator with total cost one and put it into your field. What one cost Fairy Tale is best played with this ability? Why, Wendy, of course! Wendy only has 200 ATK and 300 DEF, but she’s packed full of useful abilities! Whenever a Fairy tale resonator enters your field, she’ll recover. That means that you can get a bunch of multiple attacks just by playing more resonators. Wendy’s ATK and DEF also increase by 200 as long as you control basic magic stones only. That might sound a bit limiting, but remember that Millium can play any Fairy Tale resonator with light will. Finally the dreaming girl gains Flying if you control Peter Pan, which shouldn’t be too hard since Peter’s ability can play her from the deck!

So, Peter and Wendy can fly, but what about all your other resonators? That’s what Dreams of Flight is for! This one cost Quickcast Remnant card will grant a J/resonator flying and +X00/+X00 (X is the result of a Force 1 roll.) With a low cost, Remnant, and Quickcast this card is some great value. Plus it can even give a J-ruler flying! Imagine if you cast it on Yog. Yikes. Retelling Stories is a helpful backup Chant if you’ve lost too many of your key cards. It will let you return any number of Fairy Tale resonators to the top of your deck in any order and then draw a card. If you’ve got a spell or ability that can send a card to the graveyard, you can then put it on the top of the deck and immediately draw it with this spell!

Here’s an interesting Addition. Neverland will let you remove the top card of your deck at the beginning of your turn. If it happens to be a Fairy Tale resonator, you can play it (paying it’s cost of course). It’s an interesting spell that can help expand your playable resources in a Fairy Tale deck, but also makes for an interesting card to use in Alisaris decks. While we’ve already seen that Tinker Bell has finally become a Fairy card, we’ve got a second Fairy Tale/Fairy card. Fairy of Neverland is a total cost two resonator with 500 ATK and DEF and Flying. That alone isn’t too bad, but she also has a continuous ability that will give all your resonators with total cost one Flying. Flying 700/700 Puss in Boots? Yes please.

Our last two cards for today are water attribute Fairy Tales! Who would’ve thought, eh? Mermaid of Neverland is pretty simple. She’ll let you draw a card to replace her spot in your hand when she enters the field. Her 600 ATK and DEF isn’t too impressive for her cost, but she makes for good Adombrali draw engine fodder. Hook, on the other hand (or is it other hook?), is an absolutely brutal card. When he enters the field you can choose to either bounce two resonators or return to special magic stones to the top of their owner’s decks. Bouncing resonators is nothing new, but removing not one but TWO magic stones is some serious business. Now of course the hang up is that he’s a total cost five resonator, and that makes him a bit difficult to play for certain decks (Not Shion!). If only there were some way to play him consistently…perhaps we’ll see something like that later?
That’s all for today, but preview articles will be published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3PM JST for the next several weeks, so be sure to check back frequently!
Look for Curse of the Frozen Casket, in stores September 9th!

1st Set Booter Pack 「Curse of the Frozen Casket 」