Curse of the Frozen Casket ~ Preview 7 ~ Elves of Amonsulle

Fiethsing might be lazy, but when her friends and home are threatened, the gloves are off! Welcome back to the Curse of the Frozen Casket preview articles, rulers! Today is all about those mysterious forest folk (and one Fairy Tale), the elves!

With as many cards as you’re likely to be playing in a deck with Torrent abilities, there’s a concern that you may run yourself out of a hand too quickly, being forced to rely on your draw to provide you with something playable. That’s a situation no player wants to be in, so Crea is here to help out a bit! When she enters the field, you’ll be able to search your deck for a total cost one Elf resonator and put it into your hand. Additionally if you’ve played two or more cards that turn (including Crea) you’ll be able to just drop that resonator right into the field for free! Crea also has an activated ability that Fiethsing players are sure to enjoy. You can rest a recovered Elf resonator to give another Elf J/resonator an extra 100 ATK and DEF until end of turn. Seeing the potential? Rest everything just before the recovery phase to beef up an Elf to ludicrous levels of power. Melfee has returned from the Grimm cluster with some fantastic new abilities. She’s a total cost two resonator with Quickcast (an Elf resonator with Quickcast? Why does that sound so familiar…). 300 ATK and DEF isn’t too great for a resonator of her cost, even with Quickcast. Even if played as an emergency blocker, she’d die to many two cost plays. However she’s got an ability that will prevent all damage that would be dealt to a J/resonator for the rest of the turn, as long as she’s at least the second card you’ve played that turn. She also has an activated ability that will let her rest to produce will of any attribute. While not a big time attacker, Melfee is a fantastic support and defense card, producing will and defending a J/resonator you need protected.

In her time since the Grimm Cluster Melfee’s been studying under Fiethsing and has learned all sorts of powerful magic! Heavenly Gust can destroy an addition or regalia, and with Quickcast speed that’s pretty handy. What’s more, with Torrent active the spell will destroy each and every addition and regalia your opponent controls! While Fiethsing lives with Zero and Kaguya, what about all the others? Enter the Secluded Elven Village, Amonsulle. This total cost one addition will increase the defense of Elf J/resonators by 200, helping weak resonators and elf tokens survive a single wave of damage from cards like Blood Covered War Axe and Sanguine Arena. Astoundingly this card also prevents J/resonators with Flying your opponent controls from attacking your resonators. That doesn’t especially help protect your life points though, so Amonsulle goes even further by letting J/resonators you control block J/resonators with Flying! All that, just for one wind will is pretty handy.

And what would an ancient elf village be without a wiseman to lead it? Wiseman of Amonsulle will help maintain your hand, by letting you search the top three cards of your deck for an Elf resonator among them and add it to your hand when he enters the field. Favorable Winds is a chant that will help you push up your resources by letting you search your magic stone deck for two wind magic stones and put them into play. While it’s cost is a bit high, if you’re really waiting for enough will to let out a big play, Favorable Winds might be the push to you need to ramp up enough will to play it!

Red Riding Hood? You’re not an elf. Alright, I’ll let it slide this one time. Red Riding Hood is back, and jammed full of abilities! While she enters the field with only 300 ATK and 400 DEF for total cost two, she’ll let you put the top card of your magic stone deck into your field rested when she’s put into the graveyard. That’s the extent of her capabilities early on, so if you want to abuse that make sure you’ve got banish effects like Adombrali to help you speed up your stone production. What really makes Red Riding Hood so great is her incredible mid-game value. If you control at least five magic stones she’ll jump up to 700 ATK and DEF, a great value for a total cost two resonator. What’s more, if you control seven or more magic stones (something wind can probably do before most other attributes) she’ll gain Swiftness, First Strike, and Precision! This card is all about value during any point in the game. Early game? Increase your magic stones. Mid game? Cheap 700/700. Late game? How about a two cost with Swiftness, First Strike, and Precision that’s strong than Lancelot for the same total cost! Speaking of gaining extra magic stones, here’s another Chant that can do that! Magic Stone Analysis will let you search your magic stone deck for a non-special magic stone and put it into your field. This is a great early turn play for decks using wind will, especially since you’ll put the magic stone into play recovered meaning you can use it immediately to play a total cost one card!

Look at those gorgeous locks!
Elf of the Gusty Hill is a total cost one vanilla resonator, but she’s got some pretty impressive ATK and DEF for her cost. 400 ATK and DEF is quite rare!
By the way, did Crea happen to look familiar? It’s because she’s Fina’s daughter!

That’s all for today, but preview articles will be published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3PM JST for the next several weeks, so be sure to check back frequently!
Look for Curse of the Frozen Casket, in stores September 9th!

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