Curse of the Frozen Casket ~ Preview 8 ~ Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

Welcome back rulers! Our preview articles of Curse of the Frozen Casket continue, as the release of the set draws ever closer. We’ve already seen that there are Fairy Tales in Light, Water, Wind, and even Darkness. Let’s complete the spectrum, shall we? We’ll be looking at a mixture of Fire and Darkness cards today, with a focus on more Fairy Tale cards (plus some other interesting fellows I’m sure you’ll enjoy).

Well we’ve had a teaching deck version and Curse of the Frozen Casket version of Peter Pan, Wendy, and Captain Hook, so why not Tiger Lily? This fire attribute resonator enters the field with 500 ATK and 400 DEF for total cost two. A little weak than most optimal two cost resoantors, but wouldn’t you know it she’s got a powerful ability to make up for it. She deals double damage to any J/resonator she would deal damage with. I guess that’s what animalistic fury gets you. She’s also got a signature Chant card, Tiger Charge. It grants a resonator an extra 400 ATK and First Strike until end of turn. The Chant’s cost and Quickcast make it a powerful combo with Tiger Lily, easily turning her into an assassin who can take out nearly any J/resonator (with the buff from Tiger Charge, she’d deal 1800 damage to a J/resonator!), she’ll even be able to remain on the field thanks to First Strike!

And speaking of tigers, how about a real one? Stalking Tiger in the Woods is a pretty simple beast card, he’s got 800 ATK and 600 DEF for a total cost three as well as First Strike. Beast decks will be thankfully his cost only requires on fire will (as beast decks usually focus on generating wind will) and First Strike helps him stay on the field while taking out J/resonators. The Ox King is a powerful Myth resonator. With a 1500 ATK and DEF, his total cost six is well deserved. Additionally he’ll gain five +100/+100 counters any time a resonator he dealt damage to that turn died. Coupled with Precision, Ox King can easily start knocking out resonators to increase his power exponentially. Just imagine wiping a board full of tokens via Blood Covered War Axe, yikes.

Hey there fans of burn decks! Have we got a treat for you. Spirit of Fire is a fairly good three cost body, 800/800 is higher on the spectrum for total cost three resonators. What’s more, this Spirit will increase the damage any fire chant would deal by 200! Lightning Strike dealing 700 damage? Yes please. Oh boy here we go. Fairy Tale Library, Alexandria is an addition that will grant all your resonators of a chosen race Swiftness, so long as the addition remains in the field. This card can be monstrous in decks with big baddies like Azathoth, or Elf token decks, or really any deck with many resonators of the same race. The problem is that this set also has cards like Heavenly Gust, and there’s some fairly accessible addition hate in the Alice cluster as well. As such, depending on your opponent and the game state of course, it’d be wise if you didn’t drop this card until a turn when it can be best utilized. If you drop it too early you risk giving your opponent time to remove it before you can really get in some damage with it.

Taking a break from Fire cards, let’s get some more Darkness Fairy Tale cards. Otohime is an interesting play. While on the field she’ll prevent resonators from your opponent’s field going to the graveyard, removing them from play instead. Good against cards like Izanami. She can also rest herself to put a new Addition called The Black Treasure Box into the field, immediately bestowed onto a resonator. Her stats aren’t too bad for her cost either, 700 ATK and 800 DEF means she can dish out a fair amount of damage and can’t be killed by a Lightning Strike, even if the opponent has Spirit of Fire! So what about that black treasure box? Well despite it being an Addition with Bestow, you don’t want it bestowed to one of your resonators. You see at the beginning of your turn, it’s automatic ability will trigger, destroying the bestowed card and The Black Treasure box. If you rest Otohime at the end of your opponent’s turn to bestow the treasure box onto one of your opponent’s unlucky resonators, it’s essentially a free destruction, assuming you have the Addition in your hand of course.

But how are you going to get The Black Treasure Box into your hand? Look no further than Urashima Taro! This is a spectacular card. Entering the field with 500 ATK and 700 DEF for total cost two, this card can wall off most second turn cards. She’ll also destroy a damaged resonator when she hits the field, making her an excellent play with Ally of the Black Moon. When she’s sent to the graveyard she’ll search out The Black Treasure Box, so even if this card is destroyed, you’re all ready for your Otohime play next turn to regain some board advantage!
That’s all for today, but preview articles will be published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3PM JST for the next several weeks, so be sure to check back frequently!
Look for Curse of the Frozen Casket, in stores September 9th!

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