Curse of the Frozen Casket ~ Preview 9 ~ Flesh May Go Where Death Has Trod

Welcome back, rulers! We’re nearing the end of our preview articles (only a week left!), can you believe it? Seems like just yesterday we were all just getting to know Millium. Ah memories. Anyway, today’s article is all about darkness cards! We’ve got some kick-awesome Vampire support, some Oni support, even a neat Cthulhu card! Let’s get rollin’, shall we?

Why not start it off right, with a super rare! Riza, like Shara, is a daughter of the Mikage vampire clan. She’s the second daughter, so she’s Riza’s elder, as displayed in her higher cost and higher ATK/DEF. She’s a total cost two for 600 ATK and DEF, putting her on the higher end of the power curve for turn two plays. Additionally she’ll be able to drain a target of it’s blood, gaining a +100/+100 counter every time she deals damage to it. Once she’s had a little taste of blood (+100/+100 counter) she’ll gain precision as long as she’s got at least one of those counters on her. Interestingly enough she can also remove a +100/+100 counter from herself to give herself Flying for the turn, and since she’ll deal damage again anyway you’ll gain back the counter you lost to grant her flying. This card is fantastic both in and out of Vampire decks. her power to cost ratio makes her a great play for decks using darkness, likely outclassing Izanami, the Sealed Terror for many. Her ability to keep up with the curve simply by dealing damage, coupled with Precision to target specific threats, and Flying for when you really need to hit your opponent makes her a powerful toolbox. Now obviously Seijuro can grant her +100/+100 counters and so can her own ability, but how about just one more card that can do it, eh? Servant of the Mikage is a total cost one resonator that will let you put a +100/+100 counter on a resonator when he enters the field. However, if your opponent has a special magic stone (which, let’s face it, they probably will barring a few exceptions) you’ll be able to put two counters on that card instead of one. Obviously not a great first turn play, but amazing as a second turn card to give a counter to, say, Shara. Bringing her up to 600/600 and filling her attack condition. Then you can spend your second will on something like Soulhunt, to eliminate your opponent’s first turn resonator, or Nameless Mist/Scorn of Dark Alice if their first turn play wasn’t a resonator.

Let’s move on over to the Oni resonators. The Oni Governor has an interesting ability. By resting himself he can destroy a resonator with total cost three or less, but you’ll need to banish one of your own resonators to make it work. Get it? He’s tossing your resonator at the one being targeted for the destruction. He’s a total cost five, meaning he can be cheated onto the field with Shion’s ability. He works particularly well with token resonators, since they’re simply a byproduct of you playing cards thanks to Fiethsing’s Ability. Mad Oni is a very powerful first turn play, he’s got the power of Shara without the restriction that keeps him from attacking. However, he’s got a keyword called Bloodlust. This means that if he can attack, he has to. Thankfully the way this mechanic works with the official rules means it’s not necessarily the first thing you have to do on your main phase. 

Hey it’s our good buddy Abdul Alhazred! He’s back, and up to his old cthulhu summoning ways again. Entering the field as a total cost three for 700/700 isn’t too bad, though admittedly on the third turn he’s little more than a vanilla. However, Abdul makes for an interesting tempo card as by paying four will and banishing him you can put a Cthulhu resonator from your hand into your field. Obviously putting a Cthulhu with total cost four or less from your hand into your field is pretty much a waste. This effect is tailored made for a dropping the biggest baddies like Azathoth, or the old Yogg-Sothoth resonator if you’re playing in Wanderer format. Since this is an activated ability, meaning it can be played like a Quickcast Chant. You can attack with Abdul, get in some damage and then banish him to drop Azathoth, or even banish Abdul mid attack if he should come under threat of destruction by a beefed up blocker or destruction spell. Eternal Recurrence, then, is your fifth turn play that essentially clinches the game after you’ve dropped Azathoth on turn four. Eternal Recurrence is pretty easy to understand. It destroys all resonators. Yours, mine, all of them. Except for pesky fellows like Azathoth who can’t prevent said destruction. So Turn three drop Abdul. Turn four attack with Abdul then get Azathoth onto the field. Turn five, wipe everything and annihilate your opponent with Azathoth’s massive ATK.

Lastly for today is Alhazred’s Zealot, a simple vanilla. Obviously not great in constructed play, but look at his ATK! 900 for total cost three can be pretty killer in draft! I’d opt for him instead of Abdul in that situation unless you managed to also somehow pull an Azathoth.
That’s all for today, but preview articles will be published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3PM JST for the next several weeks, so be sure to check back frequently!
Look for Curse of the Frozen Casket, in stores September 9th!

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