Return of the Dragon Emperor ~ Preview 5 ~ Alice, Corrupted

A very happy Monday to you all, rulers! It's been a while since we've seen Alice in action. She's been out of it since Battle for Attoractia, so it's high time she woke up and started getting things done again! So in the spirit of her return, we'll be looking exclusively at Alice in Wonderland themed cards! While there's no ruler today, there's still plenty more we've got to look at so let's get right down to it!

First up is the lady her self. That gentle soul who wouldn't harm a fly...right? Seems something's happened to Alice in the time she's been unconscious. Dark Alice's influence perhaps? Perhaps something else? One can only theorize at this point. Anyway, Black Heart Alice is a very unique resonator. First take a look at her races. Wanderer is nothing new, for Alice, and asdly there's not much that can be done to interact with it. However, she's also sporting Fairy Tale now which is the race with the most support in the game. Since she's a Fairy Tale, she can be run in Millium mono-light stone decks no problem. She's a total cost four with 800 ATK and 1000 DEF. Unusual stats to say the least. Her ATK is admittedly a bit low for her cost but she enters with both Flying and Precision, very much making up for it. Once she's on the field she also sports an activated ability that will let you destroy a non-magic stone, non-J-ruler card by paying three and banishing one of your own resonators. A little costly, but a handy ability to have when you find yourself dealing with an addition, resonator, or regalia that's really giving you a lot of trouble. Of course we'd be remiss not to mention Black Heart Alice's most interesting ability though; When she enters the field you can search your deck for a card named "Schrodinger, the Cat in Flux" and put it right into your field! Yes, it seems Schrodinger is back as well (this time as a resonator). As such, to really see just how great Black Heart Alice can be, we'll have to look at Schrodinger as well.

Alright, Schrodinger. As you can likely tell, the cat really isn't meant to be a front line attacker. It's only got 100 ATK and 600 DEF for a total cost two resonator, though it can, of course, be played for free with Black Heart Alice. Schrodinger's effect is where it's true strength lies. Whenever a resonator is put into a graveyard from your opponent's field, you'll be able to create at 500/500 Shadow resonator token! So create a kind of control/removal deck based around light and darkness cards (perhaps even making good use of the spectacular Pandora, the Goddess of Light and Dark) and start knocking out your opponent's resonators to create an army of your own! The trouble is that if Schrodinger leaves the field for a non-field zone, so do its Shadows, so you'll really need to rely on that control side of your deck to keep your Schrodinger safe!

Everyone's favorite little shadow cat also has it's own Chant card this time around too! Schrodinger's Observation is an interesting spell that allows you to choose between to rather similar options. You can either pay the spells cost of two and X to deal X times 400 damage to a target resonator and gain that much life. Or you can choose to deal X times 300 damage to target player and gain that much life instead. An interesting spell that can help out during mid and late game, though it's lack of Quickcast probably means you won't want to run more than a few copies of this spell. It can provide some removal while also helping to stall and give you a buffer to survive an extra turn or so, or it can be used late game to deal a high amount of damage to finish off your opponent!

In addition to a chant, we've also got an addition! Alice's World of Madness is quite simple. While on the field this addition will sap all resonators (yes, even yours) of 200 ATK and DEF. If you're planning to employ this addition, especially if you plan on playing multiple copies onto the field at the same time. Any resonator that enters and is immediately reduced to 0 DEF is destroyed immediately. Against decks that make frequent use of will ramping cards, this can be a great asset to you and cripple your opponent greatly, as long as you yourself aren't planning on using any such similar low DEF resonators. You'll have to plan your deck accordingly, otherwise this effect will end up destroying your own cards, so watch out! Additionally consider the fact that with this card on the field, ever one of your opponent's resonators can be destroyed with Separation of Body and Spirit. Scary.

In addition to Schrodinger we've got two other resonators to look at today as well! First up is The Dark March Hare, corrupted by the same thing that's corrupted Alice, whatever that may be. This resonator is a Fairy Tale, making it playable for only light will in Millium Decks and of course giving it access to all the support that Fairy Tale cards have. Like Fiery Soldier of Milest this card gains magic stone types. The Dark March Hare, however has the benefit of gaining two magic stone types, counting as both a light magic stone and darkness magic stone. Please note that, like Fiery Soldier of Milest this does not mean that this card counts as the card type "Magic Stone". Only abilities that specifically refer to "Light Magic Stone" or "Darkness Magic Stone" can affect this card and vice versa. If an effect says "magic stones you control" or "target magic stone" it does NOT affect this card at all, nor can you put this card in your magic stone deck. That out of the way, let's have a look at the resonator's other abilities. The Dark March Hare actually has two Resonance abilities, one for Light Magic Stones and one for Darkness Magic Stones. Whenever a Light Magic Stone enters your field, all resonators you control will gain an extra +100/+100. Whenever a Darkness Magic Stone enters your field, all resonator your opponent controls gain -100/-100. And before you ask, yes, The Dark March Hare entering the field DOES trigger both of it's own Resonance abilities (Comprehensive Rule section 1127.3 if you want exact proof). So drop this guy and start buffing up your own resonators and weakening your opponents! Of course it's not a significant margin you're increasing/decreasing by, however the -100/-100 does leave resonators vulnerable to Separation of Body and Spirit, and combining this effect with the constant -200/-200 of cards like Alice's World of Madness, Invading Demon of Water, Valentina's abilities or even Dark Alice's God's Art ability can create an atmosphere that makes it very hard for your opponent's lower cost resonators to survive.

Last for today is The Dark Sleeping Dormouse. A total cost two resonator with 100 ATK and 800 DEF.However the resonator has the ability to essentially swap it's ATK and DEF by gaining +700/-700 whenever a light or darkness magic stone enters your field via resonance. This can easily turn this Fairy Tale resonator into a low cost powerhouse with 800 ATK. The only trouble is that it's DEF will become 100, making him incredibly vulnerable to destruction via Space-Time Anomaly, Lightning Strike and others. So you'll want to be sure that your opponent doesn't have the proper will to pay for such cards.

That's all for today, but the Return of the Dragon Emperor previews will continue every Monday and Thursday at 8PM EST/5PM PST for the next few weeks, so check back soon for more new cards! And don't forget to look for Return of the Dragon Emperor in stores, March 10th, 2017!

3rd Set「Return of the Dragon Emperor」