Rage of R’lyeh ~ Preview ~ Even Death May Die

Feeling that spark of madness, rulers? The final Lapis Cluster starter deck preview is here! The long awaited return of Nyarlathotep has finally come, and she’s brought all sorts of interesting Cthulhu support. Let’s not waste any time and dive right into it!

After suffering the effects of the millennium spell, Nyarlathotep was sealed in human form, becoming Lunya. But the seal has weakened and Nyarlathotep’s power seeps through the world once again! Lunya has a Judgment cost of four, one of the higher costs we’ve seen in the Lapis Cluster thus far. She, of course, has Energize, helping you maintain advantage if you are not the player to go first. Lunya also has a very interesting automatic ability. Whenever a resonator you control attacks, she will deal 100 damage to a resonator. This is an incredible ability for controlling the field. Not only can that extra 100 damage help pick off weak resonators or tokens, but it can also help your 700 ATK attacker deal enough damage to beat something with 800 DEF. Most astoundingly however, is that this ability makes for an explosive combination with Demonflame. Now, simply by attacking, any resonator is within destruction range for only one fire will. The only hitch is that you’ve got to actually attack with a resonator, so Lunya will favor decks that can attack often, and the more attackers you’ve got, the better. Once you can pay four will to use the wolf girl’s Judgment she reverts to her Nyarlathotep form. Nyarlathotep explodes onto the field with 1200 ATK and Swiftness, making her a powerful attacker even in mid to late game. She, like the Cthulhu we’ve seen before, has a Limit ability. She only gains two limit counters upon entry, but unlike Yogg she’ll merely return to her ruler side with no penalty when she runs out of counters, and won’t deal any damage to you. Upon entry Nyarlathotep will also deal 800 damage to a resonator, enough to take out many total cost three resonators and even a couple four cost resonators. Her 800 DEF makes her somewhat vulnerable to destruction, but with Limit 2 she’ll be returning to her ruler side fairly quickly. Plus, even if Nyarlathotep were to be destroyed Lunya will still retain her 100 damage ability.

Lunya isn’t the only great one to be sealed away in human form. Both Shub-Niggurath and Hastur have been sealed and living a relatively peaceful life. Niggurath enters the field with 1200 ATK and DEF for a total cost five, which is fair for the cost. However, I’m sure you’ve noticed she’s got a Limit of one, and when she’s got no more limit counters, she bounces herself back to her owner’s hand. That is, admittedly, a bit concerning. At best it means you’ll only get one attack or block out of her before you have to play her all over again. However she’s got a way around this. Whenever she enters the field or attacks, you can search your deck for a card named Gentle Goat and put it right into your field. This alone, while useful, still doesn’t help the issue of Niggurath jumping back to your hand. That’s where the shepherd’s activate ability comes into play! By banishing a goat you can put two limit counters on Niggurath, extending her time on the field by two turns! Niggurath is an interesting resonator that will challenge a player’s ability to plan steps ahead. The most obvious choice is to attack, call out a Gentle Goat and banish it for limit counters. However this may not be the only option. Keep in mind things like using the goat as banish fodder for other cards. The Gentle Goat itself is a simple, yet fairly effective card. It enters with 300 ATK and DEF for a total cost one, which is standard. However, if your J/resonator is a Cthulhu the resonator will gain +200/+200, turning it into a 500/500. That is an absolutely incredible value. This card makes for a great early game play (drop two of these on your second turn after you played a Cthulhu on your first and you essentially get two turn two cards for half their usual cost), and when it’s power starts to become less relevant as the game progresses, it can be searched out of your deck with Niggurath (meaning you won’t draw it when you’d rather be drawing cards that are stronger late game), and field it for free.

Nightmares of R’lyeh is an interesting spell. It’s a Quickcast Chant for a total cost three what will pump up a J/resonator by 1000 ATK, but sap the J/resonator of 1000 DEF. The price of madness, I suppose. Quickcast will help keep your opponent on their toes, giving them a nasty surprise when they choose not to block one of your J/resonators. This card also expresses a bit of versatility. While it can be used to deal an extra 1000 damage to something, it can also be used to destroy an enemy J/resonator that has 1000 or less DEF. We’ve already seen Lightning Strike because it was revealed as a PR card, plus it functions almost exactly like the popular card, Thunder. One fire will for 500 damage to anything at Quickcast speed is always nice. This card is a staple for most any deck using fire will.

We saw Niggurath’s human form, so here’s Hastur! He’s a total cost three for 900 ATK and DEF, which is fairly good. He’s got a Limit of two, though so you’ll only get a few attacks in with him before he jumps back to the hand. Thankfully he’ll gain Swiftness as long as Lunya/Nyarlathotep is your J/ruler, meaning he can deal some pretty hefty damage on your third turn. Going even further, this card has an automatic ability that will deal 400 damage to a J/resonator whenever Hastur attacks, clearing out most weaker resonators and can even destroy cards with 500 DEF when coupled with Lunya’s ability. Hastur is an incredible card for Lunya decks, providing some incredible damage and field control. If only he and Niggurath had a way to gain more Limit counters. I suppose Niggurath does, but it’d sure be nice if there was a generic way to put counters on any Cthluhu J/resonator (FORESHADOWING). Lunya’s Best Friend is a simple two cost resonator with 600 ATK and DEF. Upon entry this noble friend will boost a J/resonator’s ATK by 200 until the end of the turn. Dropping this card at the right time can help boost one of your attacks to just the right amount of ATK needed to KO your opponent or take out that irksome J/resonator.

Fayli, is a simple 800/800 vanilla card (as well as Lunya’s teacher). On her own she isn’t particularly interesting. However she works together with a unique Chant card. Charlatan’s Tricks, on it’s own, is a one cost Chant that will let you search for a resonator or addition with the same name as one you control, and add it to your hand. Not a terrible card, but fire has some more preferable draw engines (Eggs anyone?). That can, of course change depending on the format and type of deck one is building, but likely many people will still favor the old ways of Rukh Egg and Guinevere. However! Charlatan’s Tricks can be so much more! If you control Fayli, the Charlatan you can search for said addition or resonator and immediately put it into your field! Azathoth? Did someone say Azathoth? For four will this combo can easily get a second Azathoth out into the field after your first.

We already had a one cost darkness Cthulhu resonator, but how about a fire one? Emissary of R’lyeh is a 500/400 with Swiftness for only one fire will. But before you begin labored cries in fear of balance, take a look at the card’s caveat. It isn’t able to attack your opponent. As such, it’s best to drop one of these from second turn on wards and use it to pick off your opponent’s resonators, taking advantage of it’s Swiftness to make sure your opponent doesn’t have a turn to eliminate it before you can attack with it. Our final new card for today is an Addition. R’lyeh, World of No Lies has the standard Addition cost and effect. Two will to pump up all Cthulhu J/resonators you control. The real value of this card is that it will grant all J/resonators with Limit you control an extra limit counter. I don’t need to tell you how valuable an extra attack with Azathoth can be, and that extra 200 ATK and DEF changes a three cost card like Hastur into a 1000/1000 putting him at the same level as weaker total cost five resonators.

The final magic stone artwork for the Lapis Cluster starter decks as well as Curse of the Frozen Casket (same magic stones in both!) is finally here! Check out that fire stone, kinda looks like a pendant. I want it on a necklace.
That’s all for today, but preview articles will be published on Wednesday and Friday at 3PM JST, so be sure to check back frequently!
Look for the Lapis Cluster Starter Decks, in stores September 9th!

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