Return of the Dragon Emperor ~ Preview 6 ~ Spinning Myths

Welcome back, rulers! We've only got one week left until the exciting pre-release of Return of the Dragon Emperor! Way back in the very first article we looked in on Kaguya and saw how her now sorrowful ruler interacts with Treasury Items. However, Treasury Items alone won't be enough to consistently win battles against tough opponents. So today we're looking at some of Kaguya's allies! The myths! We've scene myths sparsely in the past before, but today we'll be looking a a few myth resonators as well as some support cards for them! Let's get right down to it!
First up is Eia, God of Water. This total cost four resonator sports 1000 ATK and DEF, putting him ahead of the usual power curve for his cost. And, of course, that's not even counting his marvelous abilities! First, Eia has Barrier against resonators so pesky effects like Melder or Captain Hook, the Pirate won't be able to bother him, helping to keep this powerful resonator safe while on the field. You'll still have to handle your opponent's spells though, though that may not be as hard as you might think after today (wink wink). Eia also makes for a great late game finisher as he'll gain an extra +500/+500 and an ability that makes it unblockable as long as you control seven or more magic stones! That means that in late game this card is a 1500/1500 unblockable for only four will! Pretty great value and a card that can easily make itself your win condition for longer games, which control decks like Kaguya or even Valentina or Dark Alice may enjoy. Lastly, Eia has a Resonance ability that will trigger whenever a water magic stone enters your field. It allows you to draw a card. Again, fantastic value, essentially a free draw just for calling a magic stone each turn, valuable at any point in the game. Eia is a great late game offense card as well as a support card.

Our second Myth for the day is Gilgamesh, Immortal Hunter. And just look at that flavor text! It would move me to tears if I still had tears to shed. Anyway, Gilgamesh is the same total cost as Eia but enters with some lower stats. Only 700 ATK though still retaining 1000 DEF. However, Gilgamesh is most certainly not without his strengths. Firstly, he becomes indestructible as long as you control three or more Treasury Items, a feat that should be particularly easy if you're planning on using Kaguya, Tears of the Moon, even more so if you're using, say, Water Kimono of Twelve Parts. In congruence with his first ability, Gilgamesh gains an extra 100 ATK for each Treasury Item you control allowing him to easily increase his damage with the myriad of Treasury Items we've already seen thus far (and more to come!). His final ability, similar to Eia is a Resonance ability. Though this one triggers off of wind magic stones. When a wind magic stone enters your field Gilgamesh will produce one will of any attribute for you, vastly increasing your resource pool!

So, both of these two new Myth resonators we've looked at have a total cost of four, certainly fair for their level of strength, but what if we want to get them into our field just a bit faster? Well that's why we have the new chant, Spinning Myths! Spinning Myths is a chant that will let you put a Myth resonator from your hand right into your field! Unfortunately, it doesn't have Quickcast so you'll only be able to play it on your turn but still, it allows you to play higher cost Myth resonators earlier than normal which can be a huge boon. As icing on the cake the chant also comes equipped with a Torrent ability that will get you an extra magic stone! So even on your fourth turn, when you'd have enough will to normally play Gilgamesh or Eia, you could play a one cost card, then play Spinning Myths to drop Gilgamesh or Eia, AND get another magic stone to stay ahead of the curve!
We've got one more chant to look at today, another one of the 'pact' chants! Millennia Bond. Oh jeeze and it's more heartbreaking Kaguya/Fiethsing artwork. Ung, my poor baby heart. This chant is a total cost two with Quickcast. Like all the pact cards, you'll be able to choose between two options or choose both if you have the two J/resonators of the appropriate attribute. For this one you'll need a wind J/resonator and a water J/resonator. Normally you'll be able to choose between cancelling a target chant spell, adding to the pool of counter cards which is always valuable, especially after Seal of Wind and Light rotates out of New Frontiers in September. This option also let's you draw a card, which is fantastic. The second option will let you put a Treasury Item from your hand with total cost three or less right into your field for free! This card is some remarkable value, especially for decks running both water and wind attribute J/resonators!

Manservant to the Water God is essentially the water version of Fiery Soldier of Milest. It's a 600/600 total cost two resonator with only one ability. The ability dictates that it is to be treated as a water magic stone. Now remember, friends, this does not mean that this card has the card type "Magic Stone". As such, even with this ability, it cannot be put into your magic stone deck, it can't be affected by cards like Grusbalesta's Secret Technique, or Arla, Guardian of the Skies. Unless a spell or ability specifically refers to the phrase "Water Magic Stone" then that spell or ability doesn't interact with this card. Simply put, this resonator is best utilized for Resonance abilities that trigger off of water magic stones, like Eia or Guardian of Water Magic Stones from back in Vingolf 3: Ruler All Stars!

Last for today is Kaguya's Pictorial Scroll. Another Treasury Item, which will help support both Kaguya, Tears of the Moon and Gilgamesh, Immortal Hunter. This addition will remove the top three cards of your deck from the game face down, but you can look at them so essentially this effect helps keep them secret from your opponent. As long as Kaguya's Pictorial Scroll remains in your field, those three removed cards can be played like they were in your hand! So by playing this addition, not only do you get another Treasury Item to take advantage of with Gilgamesh or Kaguya, Millennium Princess, but you also essentially add three cards to your hand because you'll have three cards in your removed area that are playable! Just be sure to watch out for possible addition destruction as if your opponent destroys this card, those three removed cards won't be playable anymore! Additionally you may want to swap this card out for something in your sideboard if you're up against Gill Lapis who can happily make use of cards in your removed area.

That's all for today, but the Return of the Dragon Emperor previews will continue every Monday and Thursday at 8PM EST/5PM PST for the next few weeks, so check back soon for more new cards! And don't forget to look for Return of the Dragon Emperor in stores, March 10th, 2017!

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