Return of the Dragon Emperor ~ Preview 3 ~ Millium and the Ancient Princess

A happy February 13th to you rulers out there! Valentine's Day is creeping up on us. So before a day of forced romance, cliche chocolate, and needlessly large teddy bears let's talk about some things that actually matter; trading cards! Because trading cards won't leave you. Not like people do...

Millium makes his return as a ruler after being relatively absent from Legacy Lost. This time he's expanded his repertoire to encompass both the Light and Water attributes, meaning his Energize ability will now grant you a coin that can be banished to produce either light or water will if you're the player going second. Millium has an exceedingly high Judgment cost, a total cost of seven on it's own pretty much ensures that you'd almost never be able to play it. However, like Alisaris before him, Millium's got a handy way to reduce that cost. You can pay one void less to play his Judgment ability for every four dragon power counters on him. So essentially with enough dragon counters (twenty) you can reduce his Judgment cost down to a measly two will. Sounds all well and good, but how do we even go about getting dragon power counters? Well there's a few ways, thankfully the first one is built right into Millium himself. The prince of the light palace comes equipped with an automatic ability that grants him a dragon power counter whenever you roll any number of dice for a Force ability. Note the wording on this card. No matter how many dice you roll for a single Force ability, you only get one counter. So, as you may have guessed, Millium's got a pretty big focus on Force related cards. Which is good as there are already a healthy number of cards that can support that. Kid Puss in Boots, Grimm, King of Fairy Tales, and especially the new Pandora, the Goddess of Light and Dark who can become a fantastic source of damage on her own. Not to mention all the new cards we haven't even seen yet in Return of the Dragon Emperor!

So once we've reduced Millium's Judgment cost and finally play his Judgment process, what does he become? Why a dragon of course! Yes, I'm sure many had guessed it, and many were right. Millium has discovered the ancient power to become a dragon thanks to the strange ancient magic stone he's been holding onto for a while now and the help of a certain new character we'll be looking at in just a moment. Now, don't let this J-ruler's ATK and DEF fool you. As this J-ruler enters the field, you Force X number of times, where X is the number of Dragon Power Counters on the card (as you can imagine, the number can get pretty high.). Then Millium, the Sacred Dragon enters the field with Y +100/+100 counters on him where Y is the total result of all the rolls, so be sure not to lose count! As an added bonus, Millium, the Sacred Dragon has an effect that triggers upon entry. If he's got at least forty +100/+100 counters on him you'll be able to destroy all J/resonators your opponent controls. I mean, forty +100/+100 counters means you'll one shot your opponent anyway, but it's just extra security in case your opponent has any J/resonators with Flying to block Millium. And that's really what Millium is, a one shot finisher. Couple him with Laevateinn and it doesn't matter if you hit forty +100/+100 counters or not. By the time you use his Judgment your opponent will likely have taken a little damage and Millium will be able to swing for the massive final blow. The only trouble, besides any normal trouble there is attacking with a J-ruler, is Yashahime. Yashahime, upon entry. Steals all +100/+100 counters on all J/resonators, which would kill Millium and make her very, very strong. Thankfully in a light deck we can run Zero's Magic Light to remove her as she attacks, but that's really a worst case scenario. Thankfully most folks don't run Yashahime and will likely opt for Black Moonbeam anyway, much preferring its versatility. You only need to get one shot in with Millium to win so simply run Laevateinn and be careful to only use Judgment when your opponent doesn't have Black Moonbeam in their hand, or doesn't have the proper will to pay for it.

And look at that we already have a second way to get a few Dragon Power Counters. Stone of the Dragonoids is the light/water 'shock rock' as they are so-called by you lovely people. It will enter rested unless your J/ruler is the new Millium or you pay 300 life. It counts as both a light and water magic stone, so keep that in mind for future Resonance abilities you'll be seeing. The stone also has an upon entry ability that grants your ruler a Dragon Power counter as long as your ruler is "Millium, Successor of the Dragon Crest". Not very exciting if you aren't using that ruler. But it's another dual stone for light/water in addition to the classic one reprinted in Curse of the Frozen Casket. That's already pretty useful on its own.

Ah at last, Valenti-nope. Nope. No it's not Valentina. Not even a little bit. This, is Ryula, Alabaster Dragon Princess. She's a member of race that's new to the game; Dragonoid. Basically dragon people, as the name already implies. She enters the field for a total cost of three with a fair 800 ATK and DEF. Fairly standard for her cost. When she enters the field you'll be able to choose one of two options. You may either revive a Dragonoid with total cost two or less from your graveyard (of which there are several), or you may heal your Ruler if it is astral. Now, understandably there may be a little confusion regarding the second part of this ability as there hasn't been one like this in recent days. Essentially she returns the ability to use a ruler's Judgment process after it has been destroyed as a J-ruler (Obviously the specifics will be defined in an upcoming CR update). So even if something goes wrong with Millium, and your opponent manages to sneak in a Black Moonbeam on him, just heal him up with Ryula and surprise! Judgment again! Most of the time, however, you'll likely be choosing the other option, as many Dragonoids have Force abilities, and you'll want to use them as often as possible. Ryula has a second ability, a continuous effect that boost up all other Ancients and Dragonoids by +200/+200. And before you ask, if a card happens to be both an Ancient and a Dragonoid, it still only gets +200/+200 NOT +400/+400.

So I imagine you'll want to be playing Force abilities as much as you can in order to reduce Millium's Judgment cost. So the rest of the cards (and many other water and light cards in RDE) in this preview all utilize Force in one way or another. First up is Alabaster Dragon Knight. He's and Ancient/Dragonoid resonator, meaning he'll get boosted up when Ryula is on your field. He's a 400/400 for two will, not very impressive. However, when he enters the field you'll be able to Force one and put that many +100/+100 counters on him. Even so, he's still just a vanilla resonator once his effect has resolved, so you'll want to combine him with cards like Pandora the Hope Weaving Queen to really boost him to high levels of power to get the most out of this card.

Tiny Alabaster Drake is essentially Dreams of Flight in resonator form. It's a total cost one resonator with Flying that allows you to Force one and boost it's ATK by X00 where X is the result of the roll, whenever the card attacks. While obviously somewhat hit or miss, as is the nature of Force, this card can be an absolute terror, especially because it has Flying. Pandora can make this card a beast as well, potentially allowing this resonator to attack with the strength of a card double or triple its cost. Additionally since this card can be dropped early and Force every turn, it's a fantastic way to build Dragon Power Counters in the early stages of the game.

Now let's look at some chant spells. Millium's Roar is a total cost two chant where you will Force one, getting you a Dragon Power counter, and put that many +100/+100 counters on up to two target resonators. The spell is alright on it's own, good for beefing up a few Tiny Alabaster Drakes for sure, but it doesn't have Quickcast which prevents us from using it defensively should our opponent try to destroy our resonators with chants like Space-Time Anomaly or Lightning Strike. Like any other Force card though it's value can be increased dramatically with Pandora, but without her, and depending on your opponent, you may want to sideboard swap this card out for one that might have a little less staying power (as this does grant a permanent boos in the form of counters) for something with a little more speed. And thus...

We have our last card for today, Dragon Power. This chant is also a total cost two, though it doesn't cost water will making it a little easier to play. It's also an Ancient Magic card which is peculiar. After all there's nothing that can use mana counters to produce light will...right? Anyway, this chant actually has Quickcast, so we'll be able to play it outside of our main phase which is nice. The spell let's you Force one of course, and a Target J/resonator gains +X00/+X00 where X is the result of the roll. Not very impressive quite yet, Dreams of Flight does much better for half the cost. However, if the J/resonator is a Dragonoid, you'll be able to recover it. So not only does this card allow you to beef something up, but if it's a Dragonoid you can potentially attack twice in the same turn with it!

That's all for today, but the Return of the Dragon Emperor previews will continue every Monday and Thursday at 8PM EST/5PM PST for the next few weeks, so check back soon for more new cards! And don't forget to look for Return of the Dragon Emperor in stores, March 10th, 2017!

3rd Set「Return of the Dragon Emperor」