Return of the Dragon Emperor ~ Preview 2 ~ Pricia and Mariabella

Welcome back to another Return of the Dragon Emperor preview article, rulers! Well the wait is over, many have guessed and many were right. Pricia has returned as a J/ruler. Meaning she's been able to reclaim her body from Valentina's possession. I wonder what happened to Valentina? Ah well, a story for another day. I'm sure plenty of you are eager to see what Pricia version 3,000,007 has for us, so let's take a look!

No your eyes do not deceive you, its really Pricia this time. As many surmised she's sporting a fire and wind dual attribute typing, which of course extends to her Energize ability. So if you aren't the first turn player she'll grant you a coin that can be banished to produce either one fire will or one wind will. Her Judgment ability is fairly low, costing only one fire and one wind, and with no other stipulations like Kaguya from Monday, players can enjoy a good amount of freedom when choosing her Judgment. Pricia's two unique abilities are Resonance abilities. One for fire magic stones and one for wind magic stones. Since they're separate abilities that means that if a stone that should happen to count as both enters your field, it will trigger both of these abilities! When a fire magic stone hits your field, you'll be able to give one of your resonators Swiftness for the turn. Already that's pretty amazing. As long as you play the resonator before you call a magic stone that means that you can build a rush/beat down kind of deck with most any resonator, expanding that strategies rather limited options as of late. When a wind magic stone enters your field, you'll be able to grant a resonator you control Flying for the turn, also very handy; ensuring that your attacks will go unblocked and hit their intended targets. These two abilities in tandem are fantastic in both early and late game. Early one you can start jabing for small bursts of damage and late game you can drop your biggest baddest resonator, call a fire/wind magic stone and attack right away for big damage! But what about Pricia's J-ruler side? Surely it must be tempting with such a low cost.

Reincarnated Maiden of Flame, Pricia has got 1000 ATK and DEF, pretty high considering her Judgment only costs two. She's also got two abilities, one of which is even a God's Art! Haven't seen those in a while. Her first ability is a little wordy so let's walk through it. It's an automatic ability that triggers when Pricia enters the field or whenever she attacks. Then you'll be able to choose between two options. First you can choose to put a resonator you control on the bottom of its owner's deck to flip the top card of your deck. If that card is also a resonator, you can put it right into your field! Oh the fun that can be had with this and Hydromonica. The second option is basically the same thing, but for magic stones. It's also a bit more consistent with magic stones because they're the only thing in the magic stone deck. In this way you can return a rested magic stone and call up a brand new one that's ready to be used right away! Pricia's new God's Art, Second Wind has a total cost of two (seems like a theme today) but don't let that fool you. It's pretty powerful. By paying it you can recover Pricia and then all J/resonators you control gain Swiftness and Flying for the rest of the turn. That is nuts. Pricia alone can deal 2000 damage with this effect and if you've got any other resonators on the field, you'll likely be able to finish off your opponent. The only trouble is you can only play the ability if both a fire magic stone and a wind magic stone entered your field this turn. That sounds a little tough at first, but remember, there's a magic stone that counts as both a fire magic stone and a wind magic stone. Still that's only four copies of that card in a ten card magic stone deck. Not very reliable. Until...

Hey would you look at that, a second special magic stone that counts as both a fire and wind magic stone! Who would've thought? Like the other dual attribute producing stones from this set and Legacy Lost, this card enters rested unless you pay 300 life or you have Pricia as your J/ruler. Of course this card can produce fire will and wind will. The real neat trick to this one is that when Memoria of Reincarnation leaves your field for a non-field zone (like by, say, Pricia's J-ruler effect or Captain Hook) you'll be able to draw a card! That's some pretty great resource generation. Send this back to the magic stone deck with Pricia's effect, get a new recovered magic stone off the top of your magic stone deck, and draw a card!

Our first resonator for today and it's a Super Rare Mariabella no less! She's a total cost four with 1000 ATK and DEF, pretty high, the same as many total cost five resonators and remember, she can be given Swiftness and Flying with Pricia's abilities. That's not to say Mariabella doesn't have some impressive abilities of her own. When she enters the field you can search your magic stone deck for a non-special magic stone and put it into your field. That's alright, but by the time we're playing her, we probably don't need stone ramping all that much. However she's got much more in store for us. Like Pricia she's got a Resonance ability for both fire and wind magic stones. Whenever a fire stone hits your field you'll put a blast counter on her. Whenever a wind stone enters your field you can put a breeze counter on her. So what do the counters do? Well you can remove a blast counter to deal 500 damage to a J/resonator and you can remove a breeze counter to counter a chant spell unless your opponent pays one. So basically, Mariabella stores up charges of Demonflame (minus the destruction) and Wall of Wind and then lets you play them as activated abilities.

Fiery Bird of Reincarnation is a total cost three resonator with 800 ATK and 700 DEF as well as Flying. Not bad stats, especially considering that it flies. What's more when this resonator leaves your field you'll be able to reveal cards from the top of your deck until you reveal a resonator, then you can add that revealed resonator to your hand and put the rest of the revealed cards on the bottom of your deck. Not quite as extravagant as Mariabella, but this resonator will help keep your hand plentiful, an important feat if you're playing an aggressive beat down type deck.

Fiery Soldier of Milest is pretty simple, but its an ability we haven't really seen before. This total cost two 600/600 resonator is treated as a fire magic stone. That does not mean it can be rested to produce will, however. It means that cards and abilities that refer to fire magic stones, but not magic stones in general can refer to this card. So he's perfect for Pricia and Mariabella's Resonance abilities!

I don't think there's a card that could embody the spirit of the rush/ beat down deck more than Burning Pot. This is a total cost two resonator with 700 ATK, but only 100 DEF. Obviously he's not going to be able to stay on the field too long, but that's okay because he's got Swiftness and First Strike. Making him perfect for some early game jab damage or a surprise attack to take out soem of your opponent's rested early game cards like Sacred Elf or other set up/resource generators.

Last for today is a Chant card. And hey! It's another pact! Concord of Saints and Beasts is a total cost three Chant with Quickcast. You can choose between one of two options or choose both if you control both a fire J/resonator and a wind J/resonator. The first option allows you to have a J/resonator you control deal damage equal to its ATK to a J/resonator your opponent controls. Good for some emergency removal especially if you've got big powerhouse cards on the field that can deal high amounts of damage like Pricia and Marybell. The second ability will allow you to put a magic stone from the top of your magic stone deck into your field whenever a resonator that was dealt damage that turn by a J/resonator you control is put into a graveyard from your opponent's field. The second ability is arguably stronger, potentially allowing you to nab several stones as long as you can deal damage and destroy several opposing J/resonators. It's also a great way to set up for Pricia's God's art!

That's all for today, but the Return of the Dragon Emperor previews will continue every Monday and Thursday at 8PM EST/5PM PST for the next few weeks, so check back soon for more new cards! And don't forget to look for Return of the Dragon Emperor in stores, March 10th, 2017!

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