Reiya Cluster Starter Decks ~ King of the Mountain

Salutations, rulers! After only a few weeks without previews following the release of Echoes of the New World, we're back again with new cards to show. In the following weeks, we'll be taking a look at all new cards from both the upcoming Reiya Cluster starter decks, and the Reiya Cluster's first booster pack, Ancient Nights! Since the starter decks release first, we'll be looking at a few of them before we get to cards from Ancient Nights though. First up is the much anticipated light deck, King of the Mountain!

First up is our ruler. This, is Taegrus Pearlshine, the panda king of the mountain. Like all J/rulers these days he, of course, has Energize for his attribute, which will grant you a one time extra light will if you're the second player. His Judgment is a total cost of three, which is a little high, but not too high to be particularly difficult and or out of the question. But you don't want to hear about that stuff, do you? No, you want to know about the mysterious two unique abilities the ruler is sporting. The first is an automatic ability that grants you a gem of any attribute at the start of the game. This is a new mechanic, but a relatively simple one to understand. The ability grants you a new kind of game object, a gem. Gems can come in any of the five attributes (there are no abilities that can produce gems of no attribute as of now). Taegrus Pearlshine and his supporting cards, are all about gathering these different gems and using them for various effects. Knowing that, this ability is, rather obviously, quite useful for that strategy, as it allows you to start off with a gem of any attribute you like! The other ability is...well its a secret. This is a new type of ability called a Sealed Item. Sealed Items are abilities that start out hidden and unusable. Eventually they will be released, and their effects will become known to everyone and by extension become usable. Many J/rulers have Sealed Items in the Reiya Cluster, so look forward to when they become released!

Once you pay Taegrus' Judgment cost, he'll flip and enter the field as a J-ruler. He's got 800 ATK and DEF, which isn't all that exciting considering his cost, but it's not necessarily disappointingly low either. Once he enters the field, Taegrus grans you another two gems of any one attribute, making this card's Judgment a good choice when you need one or two more gems to get by. While an 800/800 isn't all that exciting for a Judgment cost of three, Taegrus does have a built in way of growing stronger. By banishing a light gem, he can gain +500/+500 until the end of the turn, making him a 1300/1300, which is a lot more impressive. He can also gain Flying if you banish a water gem. With these two abilities, if you've been gathering a couple gems throughout the first few turns of the game, Taegrus can easily attack as a 1300/1300 with Flying which is some very heavy damage, that your opponent is going to have a hard time blocking thanks to Flying, and a hard time removing from the field, since there will be no low costing cards that can destroy J/rulers. Just remember, that Taegrus' J-ruler entry ability gives you two gems of a single attribute, so you can't rely solely on that ability to give the J-ruler both +500/+500 and Flying, you'll need at least one more source of gems. Thankfully that shouldn't be too much of an issue as we'll see in a moment. Finally, Taegrus is packing a Sealed Item ability on his J-ruler side as well. You'll just have to wait until it's released to find out what it is and use it!

And right away, we have a source outside of Taegrus that can provide us with gems. Ore from the Treasure Mountain is a special magic stone that can produce light will and counts as a light magic stone, fairly standard stuff. However, when it enters the field, you gain a light gem. This effect makes this card very useful for Panda/Gem decks, and thankfully nearly all Panda/Gem support cards are light attribute so we don't have to worry too much about this stone not being able to produce will of multiple attributes!

Gem Trader is another way to start gaining gems easily. This is a total cost one resonator with 300 ATK and DEF that will grant you a light gem when he enters the field. After his gem ability resolves, he's essentially a vanilla resonator on the field, so don't be afraid to attack or block with impunity when it comes to this card.

White Raven is the quintessential card for your first turn. This total cost one resonator enters the field with Flying and 300 ATK and DEF, which is surprisingly rare for a card of its cost. Additionally, when this resonator enters the field, you can choose to banish any gem. If you do, you'll be able to draw a card. This card is fantastic in the early turns of the game, when you're trying to amass your resources and need to build your hand advantage. Even after the resonator's entry effect resolves, it can still function as a small source of damage or an emergency blocker with great consistency, thanks to its Flying ability.

Gem Craftsman is another way to gain some more gems while also providing a fairly hardy body on your field. The resonator has a total cost of three and enters the field with 800 ATK and DEF. Upon entry, she'll grant you a gem of any attribute. The resonator can also gain an extra +200/+200, bringing her up to 1000/1000 as long as you control three or more different attributes among all your gems. Thankfully, that should be pretty easy, considering Taegrus gives us one, Gem Trader gives us another and this card can give us a third one.

Gem Trader isn't the only card that can gain a power up from your gems though, as its time to meet the Gem Blades! First up is Gem Blade Onyx. This total cost two resonator enters the field with 600 ATK and DEF. Additionally, if you control a darkness gem, he'll also gain Precision, allowing him to attack recovered J/resonators. Without a darkness gem, this card isn't going to help you out all that much, so make sure you have one by the time you attack with him so you can start picking off the recovered J/resonators your opponent is trying to keep safe!

Similarly, Gem Blade Sapphire is a total cost two resonator that also enters the field with 600 ATK and DEF. However, if you control a water gem, Gem Blade Sapphire will gain Flying. This makes this card a great offensive choice as Flying makes it a lot harder for your opponent to block, allowing the card to attack your opponent more easily. 600 ATK isn't too shabby for that either, dealing 600 damage consistently can add up pretty quick, just make sure you have a water gem first!

Next is Gem Blade Ruby. Unlike her compatriots, she's a total cost three resonator with 800 ATK and DEF. She's a little bit more expensive, but thankfully she's also faster and more aggressive than the other two cards, as she'll gain Swiftness as long as you control a fire gem. That means you can drop her down and start attacking with her right away as long as you've got the right gem. Without Swiftness she's just a vanilla 800/800 for three will, which isn't very exciting, so you'll want to make sure you can get one on the turn you play her.

There are other Gem Blades to be seen in the Reiya cluster, but for now we'll switching over to their leader and mentor, Diamond the One-Eyed Treasury Magician. He's a total cost four resonator with 1000/1000, which are pretty solid stats for his cost
(often 1000/1000 cards cost around five will to play). Once on the field, Diamond will boost up all resonators you control by +200/+200 for the turn whenever you gain a gem, and thanks to cards like Gem Trader, that's pretty easily accomplished. This ability does stack, so each time you gain a gem, your resonators gain another +200/+200. Diamond can also protect your J/resonators with his activate ability. By paying two light will you can have him grant a J/resonator Barrier until the end of the turn. Interestingly, a common target might be Diamond himself, since he's a fairly powerful card and poses a large threat to your opponent. Make sure to keep enough magic stones open to use this ability.

Okay, so we've most been looking at resonators thus far, but what about some supporting Chant cards? Not to fear, we've got three in this starter deck and they're all focused tightly on our theme of gathering and using gems. Jewel Burst is our removal card to help us maintain control of the field. As an additional cost to play the card, you'll need to banish two gems, but once you do you can remove any target resonator from the game. The card doesn't have Quickcast unfortunately, but it's low cost and caveat free removal of any resonator is great for keeping yourself safe from your opponent's strongest threats. Removal from game means the card doesn't hit the graveyard either, making it hard for your opponent to salvage the card while preventing any effects that trigger in the graveyard from happening.

Gem Shield and Gem Sword are kind of like two sides of the same coin. Both have a total cost of one and Quickcast, meaning they can be played at any time, with relative ease. Gem Shield will grant a resonator 0/+200 until end of turn, give you a gem of any attribute, and then give that resonator an extra +100 DEF for each different attribute among all gems you control until end of turn. Gem Sword does the same thing but for ATK instead of DEF. Not only are these cards good for boosting up your resonators' stats (either ATK or DEF as the situation demands), but they also help you build up your gems too as both chants grant you a gem of any attribute you like.