Reiya Cluster Starter Decks ~ Elemental Surge

Greetings, rulers! Welcome back to our continuing coverage of the Reiya Cluster Starter Decks. We're less than two weeks away to the release of the starter decks, and we've only got two decks left to reveal, but don't forget we're alsy previewing cards from the upcoming Ancient Nights booster set every Monday and Thursday at 10PM EST/7PM PST! Anyway, let's get down to business. 

The ruler of our wind starter deck is the mysterious Gill, a name I'm sure has absolutely no connections to any previous characters whatsoever. As you may have guessed, he has a Judgment cost of three, two wind and one void, as is the standard fo rthe starter deck rulers. He's got Energize for wind of course, so you'll get a coin that can produce an extra will if you're the second turn player. Onto his unique skills, Gill has an activate ability that allows you to remove an Elemental in your graveyard from the game to produce a wind will. The ability can only be used once per turn and the will can only be spent on Spirit Magic chants, Gill's signature cards. Even so, turning cards in your graveyard into a resource is very valuable and both the starter decks and the booster packs of the Reiya Cluster are full of both Elementals and Spirit Magic cards, as we'll see in a moment. Gill can also be rested to search your deck for a card named "Gentle Breeze Elemental" and add it to your hand. As you might gather from the name, Gentle Breeze Elemental is an Elemental card, so it can be used to generate will with Gill's ability once it's in the graveyard. Rest abilities on the ruler side are always tricky of course, since usually you'll want to rest to call a magic stone instead. However, we've seen a few cards in the Reiya cluster that can recover rulers, and Flute's Water Dragon in Echoes of the New World can be rested to call a magic stone instead of our J/ruler, leaving our ruler recovered for a rest ability such as this. Let's also not forget that one can chase to their ruler's Judgment with a rest ability! Finally, we have Gill's secret Sealed Item ability. How curious, his symbol seems to look like some kind of magic stone. I wonder what it could be. We'll just have to wait until it's unsealed!

Once we pay the three will for his Judgment, Gill enters the field as Gill, the Gifted Conjurer. He's a 1100/1000 that enters with Barrier, not bad considering his cost of three to field. Barrier will keep him safe from any spell or ability your opponent might use that targets. Just remember that cards or effects that don't specifically use the word 'target' will still be able to affect Gill, so be wary of those cards. Gill, the Gifted Conjurer retains the ability to remove an Elemental from your graveyard to produce a wind will use able only for Spirit Magic chants once per turn. The J-ruler also retains the Sealed Item ability, though we still don't know what it is yet. As we saw with Pandora though, the same Sealed Item ability might have different effects between the card's ruler and J-ruler side, so Gill's ability might become stronger once he enters the field as a J-ruler.

Par for the course with all of the starter deck J/rulers, Gill has his own signature special magic stones. It has a continuous ability that allows it to be treated as a wind magic stone, which is handy for any possible Resonance abilities you may be trying to exploit. That doesn't mean that the card counts as a basic magic stone though, so be wary. You won't be able to pull this stone into your field with spells or abilities that specify non-special magic stones only. Spirit Stone can be rested to produce wind will, Gill's primary attribute in the starter deck and throughout the Reiya Cluster, as you may have surmised. It can also be banished to draw a card. Note that you don't have to rest the card for this effect, so be sure to generate a wind will with it first before banishing it. Losing a stone is usually not optimal but the option to do so for something as potentially life saving as drawing a card is very valuable.

Alright so here is the card that Gill can search out on his ruler side, Gentle Breeze Elemental. From the name you might've thought it was a resonator, but it's actually a chant. It's a total cost one with Quickcast and all it does is let you draw a card. Not that drawing a card for one at Quickcast speed is bad necessarily, but we've seen cards like Weather Change: Rain that can do an additional effect and draw a card for the same cost with Quickcast. Gentle Breeze Elemental's strengths actually come from its sub-traits. It counts as both an Elemental and a Spirit Magic. This means you can play the card using will generated by Gill's ability, and once this card is in the graveyard you can use it to generate will to use for another Spirit Magic chant card!

Okay let's actually get to some resonators. Since Elementals can be used as energy for Gill, a lot of them don't have particularly strong effects, or have effects that trigger when they're put in the graveyard from the field. Leaf Fighter is a total cost one resonator with no abilities and enters with 400 ATK and DEF. While it has no abilities, 400 ATK is pretty solid for a first turn card and 400 DEF keeps it safe from popular first turn resonators like Tama. Since the card has no value other than its stats while on the field, attack or block with the card as often as you like. Remember, when the card is destroyed and put into your graveyard, you can remove it to produce a wind will with Gill's ability so losing the card from your field isn't too bad a loss.

Our other Elemental in the starter deck is Leaf Magician (don't worry there's a whole slew of Elementals in Ancient Nights). This is a total cost three resonator that enters with 700 ATK and DEF. The adorable little creature has an automatic ability that triggers when its put from your field into your graveyard that will allow you to draw a card. Like with Leaf Fighter, Leaf Magician is a fairly expendable body on the field so there's no reason not to attack or block with the card as you please, since putting it into the grave will net you a card and another source of will to be used for Spirit Magic chants.

So besides regular combat, how are we gonna get an Elemental into the graveyard to use for for Gill's ability? That's where our friend Travelling Trader comes in! He's a total cost one resonator that enters the field with 300 ATK and 400 DEF. Upon entry he'll let you draw a card and then discard one. Normally that wouldn't be too great when we have Tama who just lets us draw a card with no extra hassle. However discarding a card is actually useful in the case of Elementals and Spirit Magic, as we have already discussed. You can play one of these your first turn, discard an Elemental, and then use that Elemental to play Gentle Breeze Elemental to draw another card!

 Tree Root Sprite is Gill's travelling companion. A rather odd looking Fairy resonator, the card is a total cost three that enters the field with 800 ATK and DEF> When it enters the field you can choose between destroying any non-magic stone, non-J/resonator entity (entity=card in the field), or you can search your deck for an Elemental and put it into your graveyard. Essentially the resonator provides versatile support. You can either get an Elemental to use as fodder for Gill's ability to play a Spirit Magic chant, or you can destroy an addition, regalia or other such card as necessary.

Elven Guide is our first total cost two resonator. Gill is actually good friends with the Elven royal family, who'll make more appearances in Ancient Nights and the rest of the Reiya Cluster. Anyway, this is a 600/600 resonator that has an automatic ability that triggers upon entry. When it does you'll be able to look at the top three cards of your deck, choose any single card from among them and put that card in your graveyard while the rest go to the bottom of your deck. Like Tree Root Sprite and Travelling Trader, this ability is best used for putting Elementals into your graveyard.

Guardian of the Portal is our second total cost two resonator. Another Elf, she enters with 600 ATK and DEF and can extra instances of +100/+100 for the turn if you rest other recovered resonators you control. Obviously, resting resonators with ATK greater than 100 would actually detract from the amount of damage you could potentially deal if you rested those cards during your main phase or the like. However, remember that activate abilities can be played like Quickcast cards, and can therefor be played during your turn, but before the recovery phase. Rest every other resonator you have to beef up Guardian of the Portal, and then recover them during your recovery phase right afterwards! Now you can still attack with everything and you have a powered up resonator to boot!

Here's the Elemental deck's trump card, so to speak. Cecil Letoliel, Elven Prince. He's good friends with Gill and it shows, as he's willing to support him in battle too! He has a total cost of five, not entirely unreasonable considering he's got 1000 ATK and DEF. However, he's cost will drop by one void for each Elemental in your graveyard. That means he can be reduced down to a cost of only two wind will to play, and for a 1000/1000 that's pretty incredible. That's not all though, while on the field, Cecil will also increase the attack of Elemental resonators you control by +200/+200! That turns our little Leaf Fighter into a 600/600 for only one will! Couple that with the fact that its rather easy to drop multiple copies of Cecil in the same turn thanks to his built in cost reduction and you'll be able to carve out a victory against your opponent in no time!

Okay, we know by now that Elementals can be removed from the graveyard to generate wind will to be used on Spirit Magic chants. So let's finally have a look at two of them (not to fear, there are plenty more in the Reiya Cluster booster packs!). First up is Winds of Vitality. It's a Quickcast chant that will power up a J/resonator by +600/+600 until the end of the turn. While some might have preferred Rapid Growth from back in the Alice Cluster, as it had Remnant (though the power increase was lower), this card can be played without expending a magic stone thanks to its Spirit Magic sub-type, if you're running Gill as your J/ruler. Quickcast means you can play it outside your main phase so attack and as soon as a J/resonator gets through to your opponent, power them up with this card for a nasty surprise!

Our final card for today is Vanish. It's a counter spell, plain and simple. It's got Quickcast of course, otherwise it'd be unusable. It cancels any target spell, which means it can cancel any card (not ability) on the chase. Resonator, chant, addition, you name it. It has a total cost of three, which might seem a little high. However, the card is a Spirit Magic chant meaning we can pay one of its wind will with a will produced by removing an Elemental from our graveyard with Gill's ability, bringing it down to a much more affordable two will. Use this card to stop your opponent from playing their big powerful resonators and control the flow of the game!