Vingolf 2: Valkyria Chronicles ~ Preview 1

Greetings, rulers! The Vingolf series has returned! This time, Vingolf features the popular Valkyria Chronicles series of games! Today we’ll be focusing on Alicia Melchiott, the light ruler, and several other light attribute cards.

Alicia’s judgment cost will grow smaller for each Squad 7 resonator you control, and when she enters the field as a J-ruler, she recovers all Squad 7 resonators you control, while giving them +200/+200. Obviously she works best with her Squad 7 buddies so be sure to stack a bunch of them in a deck with Alicia as the ruler!

This regalia will help you generate any type of will you want, and can even be banished for an extra will in a pinch! If you want your J-ruler to attack twice, this regalia can also banish itself to do that too!

Two flowers. Similar in appearance and effect! Both can incapacitate resonators. However, Elshan Flower can rest or recover a resonator and is only Spell: Chant speed, while Symbol of Peace is instant speed, but can’t recover resonators. Pick your poison!

Here are some of Alicia’s friends from Valkyria Chronicles. They have support abilities to keep your opponent at bay by resting their resonators, or increasing your life. One of them even helps you control what cards you draw!
Check back on Tuesday for more Vingolf 2: Valkyria Chronicles preview articles! And don’t forget to look for Vingolf 2: Valkyria Chronicles, in stores July 29th!

Vingolf Series 「Valkyria Chronicles」