Vingolf 2: Valkyria Chronicles ~ Preview 5

Greetings, rulers! Valkyria Chronicles previews continue with our fifth set of cards! Today we’ll be focusing on Selvaria, the darkness J/ruler, and several other darkness attribute cards.

Selvaria can cut her judgment cost in half so long as there’s a Maximilian on your field. Upon entering the field as a J-ruler she’ll sap two targets of 300 ATK and DEF times the number of Drei Stern cards you control. With only few on the field (including herself) you can easily knock out two resonators with this ability.

Selvaria’s lance is costly, but will pump up a J/resonator by 400/400 and grant it the ability to steal life from your opponent. The imperial tank slows down your opponent’s judgment while not being susceptible to Hera (or Sacred Holy Wolf like the other judgment hate card). It can also beef up your J-ruler.

Drei Stern resonators are all about sapping your opponent’s power and outright destrcution. Use them effectively to lock down and control your opponent’s field. Maximilian can even grant you extra life each time an enemy resonator bites the big one.

Keeping in theme, even the darkness spells are all about sapping power and raw destruction. Hammer of the Valkyrur is a chant-instant that will destroy a J/resonator and Ragnide Gas (also an instant) will drain a J/resonator by 500/500.
Check back on Tuesday for more Vingolf 2: Valkyria Chronicles preview articles! And don’t forget to look for Vingolf 2: Valkyria Chronicles, in stores July 29th!

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