Vingolf 2: Valkyria Chronicles ~ Preview 7

Greetings, rulers! Valkyria Chronicles previews continue with our seventh set of cards! Today we’ll be focusing on more fire attribute cards.

Carisa can search out regalia as long as they’ve got a total cost of one or more. Margit will boost up all resonators you control whenever she attacks, making her a great aggressor.

Kurt makes for a great combatant. He’s able to attack right away, beats out other resonators in even ATK match ups because of his first strike ability, and he can deal 500 damage to your opponent every time he picks off a resonator. Imca gets stronger as long as you control Kurt and gets even stronger, gaining swiftness if your opponent has a J-ruler out. This is a fantastic card to counter J-ruler aggressor type decks.

Frederica can steal a resonator your opponent controls for a turn, and Clarissa can grant your other resonators swiftness for a turn.

Courageous stand will boost up a resonator by 800 ATK. Large explosion will deal 800 damage to all resonators and players, great for eliminating lots of pesky fairies and the like.
Check back on Tuesday for more Vingolf 2: Valkyria Chronicles preview articles! And don’t forget to look for Vingolf 2: Valkyria Chronicles, in stores July 29th!

Vingolf Series 「Valkyria Chronicles」