Vingolf 3 ~ Ruler All Stars ~ Preview 1 ~ The Dragon Guardians

Happy New Year, rulers! We’re excited to kick off the new year with some brand new card previews! Vingolf 3: Ruler All Stars promises the return of many popular characters that have been ruler cards in the past. They’ll all be returning as new resonator cards, however. The rulers of Vingolf 3 are the ones responsible  for assembling the various characters from across space-time; the five dragon guardians of the magic stones. Today, we’ll be taking a look at all five of them, so let’s get down to it!

First at bat, it’s the light ruler; Guardian of Light Magic Stones. This dragon ruler has a total Judgment cost of five, as do all of the ruler cards in Vingolf 3. Like all rulers in the Lapis Cluster, this one is packing Energize. Allowing you to start the game with a coin that can be banished to provide one light will if you’re not the player to go first during the game. However, what’s likely caught your eye the most, is the new keyword ability near the bottom. Resonance is a new ability making its first (but certainly not last) appearance in Vingolf 3. Resonance is quite simple. It’s an automatic ability that triggers whenever the specified kind of magic stone enters your field (it will not work from stones entering your opponent’s field). Note that this need not be entering the field specifically from your magic stone deck, should that situation ever occur (HINT HINT). When it’s on a ruler like this one, just think of it as a nice bonus for whenever you call a magic stone. It might also influence exactly when during your turn you want to call a magic stone, as doing it first thing may not always be the most optimal choice. You’ll have to read the game situation a little more carefully. Guardian of Light Magic Stones’ Resonance ability triggers off of light magic stones and will let you increase a resonator you control’s ATK and DEF by 200 for the remainder of the turn. A nice little buff to help you get a little more damage in, or keep the edge when engaging an opposing J/ruler.
Once you can generate the five will to use the Guardian’s Judgment, the creature becomes the Avatar of Light Magic Stones. While the Flying and 1000/1000 stats are nice, we can get that kind of power out of a J-ruler for less will. Rather it’s the card’s entry effect that makes the cost a little more worth it. Upon entry, all non-magic stone, non-J-ruler cards (including yours) are destroyed! Nothing like a good ol’ fashioned field wipe to turn the tide in your favor.

Guardian of Fire Magic Stones sports the same basic make up that the light guardian had, but with fire instead of light. The major difference is this ruler’s Resonance ability. This one activates whenever a fire magic stone enters your field and it will let you deal 200 damage to a resonator. Not enough to pick off most cards, though great for harassing Elf token decks. This ability is best taken advantage of via cards like Demonflame or Urashima Taro.
Once on the field as a J-ruler, the Avatar of Fire Magic Stones actually has better basic stats than its light counterpart. Not by much, mind you, but a little extra ATK can be the crucial tipping point in a game at times. Upon entering the field, this mighty dragon of flame will scorch all your opponent’s resonators for 1000 damage. Not a guaranteed kill on all of them, depending on what your opponent has in the field, so you’ll want to observe the game state to make sure you can get the most out of this burst of damage. Any resonator destroyed by this effect is reduced to ash as well, removing it from the game entirely instead of having it be put into the graveyard. This prevents “When this card is put into a graveyard from your field” and other graveyard based effects. This keeps cards like Monkey Trapped in Life from continuing to cause you troubles. Use this ability effectively to take back the field, and maybe even throw a wrench into your opponent’s plans if they’re working off a resonator that interacts with the graveyard!

Moving on to the Guardian of Water Magic Stones. Where both light and fire were focused on battle, this guardian’s Resonance ability will provide more of a support type ability. When triggered, the automatic ability lets you look at the top card of your deck, and then choose to put that card on the top or bottom of your deck. This can be a great help with deck consistency and in some cases, can actually save you from a loss. Imagine being at that critical turn and you just need to draw that one card that can win you the game. This ability let’s you check what your next card will be whenever you draw next, and if you don’t need it, you can toss it to the bottom. This can be fantastic at near any point in the game, whether it be setting up your hand early on, or that final linchpin card at the climax.
When on the field as the Avatar of Water Magic Stones, this dragon of the seas will force all resonators your opponent controls to swim back to their respective owners’ hands. While not as permanent a solution as destruction or removal from game, it is a more guaranteed form of removal as far less resonators have the capability to resist such an effect as opposed to a damage or destruction effect. What’s more, this may clutter your opponent with unusable resonators in their hand if their deck utilizes ways of getting high costed resonators into the field through unconventional methods (I’m looking at you, Lilias Petal). This may force your opponent to discard those cards if they’re over the maximum hand size of seven at the end of their turn. On the flip side however, if you return low costing resonators, it’s likely they’ll be back in the field on your opponent’s next turn. This ability, as is such with many water cards, is a bit more technical. It can clear the field for that final push for the game, or ruin your opponent’s plans when they’ve got a field of high costing resonators assembled, but in other situations keeping this card on its ruler side and abusing the top card check ability may likely be more valuable to you.

Guardian of Wind Magic Stones also has a support Resonance ability. When a wind magic stone enters your field, you’ll be able to give a resonator the ability to rest itself to produce one will of any attribute for the rest of the turn. This means that whenever you call a wind magic stone, you actually kind of get a second one for the rest of the turn. This can provide some very effective will ramping, especially when you consider that wind has access to cards like Magic Stone Analysis, or Red Riding Hood, which can be easily abused by cards like Adombrali to get even more wind stones. With this ability, you can easily ramp up towards the five will needed to pay for this ruler’s Judgment or other high costing cards that can bring the pain to your opponent.
Avatar of Wind Magic Stones has a near identical ability, just upgraded. Once on the field, this J-ruler provides a continuous effect that gives all resonators you control the ability to rest themselves to produce one will of any attribute. With five resonators on the field, this makes the dragon’s heavy Judgment cost feel nearly weightless. Especially when you consider that this dragon generates two Elf tokens for you when it enters the field as a J-ruler. While this J-ruler doesn’t provide the removal that the other avatars do, it provides something just as valuable, if not more so; the resources to play your strongest cards quickly.

Lastly, we have the imposing Guardian of Darkness Magic Stones. As a sort of counterpart to the light guardian, this dark dragon’s Resonance ability will sap a J/resonator of 100 ATK and DEF until end of turn whenever a darkness magic stone enters your field. A 100 DEF loss isn’t going to destroy most cards, but it’s great for harassing Elf tokens and other weak early game cards your opponent may utilize to set up their strategy. It also works fantastically with Separation of Body and Spirit, allowing you to destroy any resonator for only one will, assuming you triggered this automatic ability successfully on the same turn prior to playing that spell.
When Avatar of Darkness Magic Stones enters the field, it will force your opponent to banish two resonators. This ability is effective in the opposite situation of where the fire avatar would be most useful. If you use this card’s Judgment to put the J-ruler into the field when your opponent has a good number of resonators (or worse, tokens), they’re just going to banish the lowest costing two, and it won’t have much of an impact on the field. However, since this is banishment, not destruction, and since this ability does not involve targeting, it is perfect for when your opponent has only a few powerful resonators on the field. This ability skirts Barrier abilities on resonators, as the actual affected object is your opponent, not the resonators, as well as any anti-destruction effects, and abilities that trigger upon destruction. You’re just going to have to wait for the right time to use it, but when you do this is a guaranteed kill on two of your opponent’s cards.

That’s all for today, but we’ll be posting a new Vingolf 3 preview every Thursday at 8PM EST/5PM PST for the next few weeks, so check back soon for more new cards! And don’t forget to look for Vingolf 3: Ruler All Stars in stores, February 2017!

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