Vingolf 3 ~ Ruler All Stars ~ Preview 3 ~ The Alice Cluster

Welcome back, rulers! At last its time to get to the meat of Vingolf 3: Ruler All Stars; the resonators! As stated before, all the resonators of this boxed set are all characters from previous (Alice, Grimm, Valhalla) clusters. If the title didn’t give it away, today we’ll be looking at cards featuring characters from the Alice Cluster. Next week we’ll look at the Grimm Cluster, and then finally the Valhalla Cluster. We’ve got all manner of resonators to look at today, including dual attribute cards, so let’s get down to it!

At long last, another Angel resonator! And what’s this? It’s got a total cost of four, making it searchable with Celestial Wing Seraph? Inconceivable! Yes our old friend Arla is off to a good start, making a good impression immediately. While the resonator has somewhat low ATK and DEF for it’s total cost of four, Flying helps make up for it by assuring that attacks with this card are far more likely to hit their desired target. But that’s not all, Arla also provides all your other J/resonators with Barrier, as long as they have Flying. So pop down an Apollo and give any J-ruler immunity from Black Moonbeam! This effect along gives Angel based decks a huge leg up. Arla also has three activate abilities very reminiscent of Artemis. He can be rested to deal 400 damage to an attacking J/resonator, perfect for setting up Demonflame, or just picking off a weaker card. By paying one light will and resting the card, you can destroy an addition or regalia, and by paying three light will and resting Arla, you can outright destroy a J/resonator with flying. Arla is a veritable multi-tool of utility for any deck running light will, and especially one running Angel cards.
Faria, Paladin of the Dawn is the traditional 600/600 for two will, with some very powerful abilities that make her a good aggressor, something Light attribute cards don’t have too often. She prevents all damage that would be dealt to her while she’s battling, both combat damage and from spells or effects. This alone would mean your opponent would simply pick her off before you can declare her as an attacker or blocker of course, but thankfully Faria’s got that covered as well. By paying two light will she can cancel a spell or ability that targets her. As long as you’ve got the will, this card is very difficult for your opponent to get off the field, making her a constant threat, especially for how early she can get into the field.

On to fire attribute cards. Melgis is rather similar to Faria, fitting since the two share a long rivalry. Melgis, however, sacrifices some of the safety for all out aggressive force. Melgis has 600 ATK and 400 DEF for a total cost of two. A little weaker on the defensive side, but he’s also packing Swiftness and an ability that prevents players from gaining life. Now, obviously, he’s a bit weaker than everyone’s favorite knight, Lancelot. However, That just means fire based aggressive decks have another early game toy to play with, and a replacement to use once Lancelot rotates out of the New Frontiers format in September.
Oh Silvia, we hardly knew ye. Anyway, she’s an absolute terror in decks with Sylvia as your J/ruler. She enters with 800 ATK and 700 DEF for a total cost three. Not bad, but made much better once you realize she’s not only got Flying, but she also gains Swiftness if Sylvia Gill Palarillias is your J/ruler making her a very effective damage source. To make things even better, if you’ve got an extra wind will (which you should with Sylvia) you can pay her awakening ability to get a 500/500 dragon resonator token with Flying. For one extra will, that is some remarkable value.

Oh Pricia, we hardly knew y-wait. We’ve done this before. Anyway, Pricia doesn’t look all that strong off the bat. She’s a 100/100 for a total cost of one. Not exactly a powerhouse. However, she, like the new dragon J/rulers, has Resonance. Whenever a wind magic stone enters your field, you’ll be able to put two [+100/+100] counters on her. And with wind being adept at gaining extra magic stones, especially with cards like Red Riding Hood, you can see that you can get a lot of value out of her low cost. To make things better, she’s a Beast which means she gets protection from Ratatoskr, and she’ll gain Precision and +100/+100 as long as Pricia is your J/ruler.
Yggdrasil is pretty easy to understand. It generates will, and it’s a big tree. That’s pretty much it. The card has no ATK, but some hefty DEF giving it some good survivability. Which is exactly what you want, because this resonator generates two will of any attributes you choose. This card is somewhat costly, and it requires both wind and light will, so you’ll need a deck that can produce both. But once you get it into the field its sure to speed your strategy past your opponent very quickly, allowing you a big increase in resources.

Kaguya has to be one of the most interesting resonators in Vingolf 3. She’s a total cost two with the stats of a total cost one resonator, but she makes up for it. By resting her you can generate a 100/100 rabbit resonator token. Just by resting her. Granted the token isn’t very strong, but you can make one every turn for a very low cost. What’s more, Kaguya increases the ATK and DEF of rabbit resonators by [+100/+100] as long as you control a moon addition. And of course this would stack the more Kaguya, Guardian of the Moons you’ve got out. Somewhat strangely, this card actually makes for a great combo with Valentina, the Released Terror since you can just banish rabbit resonators to control the field and maintain hand advantage. Plus the resonator is easily searched out with Kaguya’s Moonbeam Butterfly. Rabbit swarm deck? Did someone say rabbit swarm deck?
Valentina is the most expensive card we’ll look at today, with a total cost of six, and you’ll soon see why. She enters the field with 1200 ATK and DEF, which is pretty high, but not necessarily good enough to justify such a high total cost. Though if you’ve got the SKL Valentina as your J/ruler she’ll cost one will less to play. Once on the field, you can rest this card and discard one to bounce a resonator back to its owner’s hand, or rest her and discard three to simply take control of one of your opponent’s resonators indefinitely. Valentina’s high cost is best teched around using Rising from the Depths in an ancient magic deck, so you can steal anything your opponent plays and start wreaking havoc.

Deathscythe fans will likely find Rezzard’s abilities very appealing and familiar. Any resonator this card deals damage to that is destroyed that turn is ressurrected on your side of the field at the end of the turn. You won’t be able to get tokens back, of course, so don’t waste your time with them but any other resonator is fair game so long as its in the graveyard. So just drop a Blood Covered War Axe on this resonator, deal damage to everything, and then wipe your opponent’s field to steal all of their resonators! The only trouble is that you’ll need Rezzard to stay alive to maintain your graveyard army, so be ready to protect him as necessary. Lastly this card gains the ability to steal life from your opponent if you’ve got Rezzard, the Undead Lord or Rezzard, Desecrating Vampire as your J/ruler, giving this total cost three 800/800 even more utility.
Last for today, the king of clockwork himself, Machina. Take note that although this resonator has a total cost of three that includes water and darkness will, this card’s attribute is void. 600/600 isn’t very impressive for a three cost resonator, we’ve seen two cost resonators with that power today, after all! But of course this card’s real strength is its ability. An ability that machine decks are very much going to love. When this resonator enters the field, you can reveal the top card of your deck, if its a machine you put it into your field for free, but at the end of your turn it jumps to your hand. While the machine may not necessarily be able to attack, it’s essentially a way to get reduce the cost of March of the Machine Lord for free (which does give your machines Swiftness!).

That’s all for today, but we’ll be posting a new Vingolf 3 preview every Thursday at 8PM EST/5PM PST for the next few weeks, so check back soon for more new cards! And don’t forget to look for Vingolf 3: Ruler All Stars in stores, February 2017!

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