New Valhalla Cluster 3rd Set “Awakening of the Ancients”

Release Date : 05/24/2019

New Valhalla Cluster 3rd Set “Awakening of the Ancients”



Release date

Pre-release kit   May 17th 2019

Booster pack    May 24th 2019



Product Details

Continuing the design philosophy from the first set, rulers will not be included within New Valhalla's third set "Awakening of the Ancients". The card distribution rate will also take after the first and second set, being easier for players to collect four copies (a playset) of necessary cards.



SR: 10 

R: 20

U: 30

C: 40

SEC: ???

Enclosed within the box will be a basic ruler pack containing: Two copies of each three sealed format rulers, six copies of each basic magic stone, and a promo card.

Sealed and Draft formats are supported this set. Make pack opening itself a game!

Included are cards that synergize well with cards from the now on sale "New Valhalla Cluster Starter Decks".


Card Sneak Peek

Sapling of the Treasure Tree[W]AOA-013 SR

Resonator: Treasury Item ATK 0/ DEF 100

[Rest], discard a card, remove this card from the game: Produce [W][W][W].

[W], banish this card: Destroy target addition.

The wills of many have coalesced over the years, giving birth to the treasure tree.



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