Vingolf series 「Ruler All Stars」

Release Date : 02/10/2017

The greatest heroes and villains from Force of Will’s past have returned to fight for you once more! The dragon masters of the magic stones have summoned champions of old to partake in the ultimate challenge; fight for them to decide who is the greatest champion of all! Choose your dragon ruler, and join the fight to see who can join the mighty ranks of the Ruler All Stars!

Contents Breakdown5 Kinds of J/Rulers (All New Cards)

5 Kinds of Magic Stones (Special Design)

10 Kinds of Special Magic Stones (All New Cards)

25 Kinds of Additons &Chants (Reprints)

55 Kinds of Resonators (Including Multi-Attribute)(All New Cards)

A total of 100 different kinds of cards!

Many powerful cards! Specially designed stones!! This set is designed for the player who wants nothing less than to be an all star!

Card Preview