New Valhalla Cluster 1st Set "New Dawn Rises"

Release Date : 09/28/2018


Product Details

Join us, as the curtain rises on a new era of Force of Will. This time we return to Valhalla, a world familiar to some of our long-time players. 

We've been listening to the voices of our precious players! A good portion of our playerbase has been requesting that we balance the power level between rulers more, a driving force in our design for this cluster. And so, for the entirety of New Valhalla, rulers will be independant from the booster packs. The set will instead start with 10 rulers from the five starter deck, of which players will use to battle with for the year to come. 

These new 10 rulers will have unique cards called "Runes". The power level of new runes released in furthur sets will be strictly adjusted based on the performance and usage frequency of the 10 rulers at high-level events. We hope to create a balanced game for the year to come, allowing players to focus solely on enjoying the game. 

・Impoved distribution (Approx. 14 SR cards per box). Three boxes is now more likely to net you playsets of cards.
・Sealed and Draft format supported. Make the opening of packs itself a enjoyable game!
・Includes card that directly strengthen the starter decks. 


Super Rares: 10 
Rares: 25 
Uncommons: 35 
Commons: 40 
Secret Rares: ???
One pack will contain ten cards (with one foil).
One box will contain 36 packs, as well as a bonus box containing sealed format rulers, basic stones, and promo cards.

Box and package images

Special PR Card Included in box!


Playmat per 6 boxes purchased available only during first printing of product.