New Valhalla Cluster 2nd Set "The Strangers of New Valhalla"

Release Date : 01/2019


Product Details

Continuing the design philosophy from the first set, rulers will not be included within New Valhalla's second set "The Strangers of New Valhalla". The card distribution rate will also take after the first set, being easier for players to collect four copies (a playset) of necessary cards.
As for characters, everybody's beloved Alice will be making a long-awaited reappearance. Also making a reappearance will be the newly unsealed Athenia, a character undoubtedly familiar to long-time veterans of Force of Will. What battles lie in wait for these two girls?


Super Rares: 10 
Rares: 20
Uncommons: 30
Commons: 40 
Secret Rares: ???
Enclosed within the box will be a basic ruler pack containing: Two copies of each three sealed format rulers, six copies of each basic magic stone, and a promo card.
Sealed and Draft formats are supported this set. Make pack opening itself a game!
Included are cards that synergize well with cards from the now on sale "New Valhalla Cluster Starter Decks".

Card Sneak Peek

Ruined Earth|[B][B][3]|SNV-096 R
Chant/Rune|Divinity 2
・You may pay [1] less to play this card from a rune area.
・Destroy target magic stone. Resonators your opponent controls gain [-400/-400] until end of turn.
-The liberator's nature influenced the sealed god's power, corrupting Athenia's power of harvest into something new, something... impure.

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