WGP2018 Top 8 Player Deck list


1. What deck did you play, and why?
2. What are your thoughts on the WGP this year?

Nicholas DeMeulle (United States)

1. I played Lucifer. Originally I was going to play hybrid Fairy Tale/Machine with Loki as a ruler because we (my team) thought it had a good matchup versus black. During playtesting however, I just really liked black and realized I wasn’t afraid of other matchups. I played black so much I wound up having more experience with it, which is why I ran it in the end.

2. WGP was nice. I hope to come again next year. 


Kevin Carrara (Italy)

1. Lucifer. Playing the blue mirror is too random. Lucifer is more safe and stable, in my opinion.

2. The WGP is a nice place to meet everyone from around the world. This is my second WGP so I knew what to expect, but it’s always nice to meet people from different countries.


Souichi Itou (Japan)

1. I played Brunhild Black/White. The cards have big stats and the life gain is indispensable. Brunhild herself is huge at 1200/1200 and has flying. 

2. The players are all good people and the judges really gave it their best. The experience as a whole was extremely pleasant. 


Philip Chybiorz (Austria)

1. I just had to play Lucifer! Lucifer is my favorite character and was already my nickname, when he was first spoiled I just KNEW I had to play him. (Side note: Philip’s team T-shirt has Lucifer above his name.)

2. The WGP itself was fun and competitive. I had good talks with people. I’m actually a little surprised I got into top 8.  


Javier Herreras (Spain)

1. Hanzo Machines, best deck vs. all. Hanzo’s Master Rune is a wonderful form of protection in an open meta. The deck is also just really fun. The general matchup is fairly easy, but this decks mirror matchup is super difficult. 

2. My thoughts about the WGP? I don’t like how this year’s starter deck cards aren’t stamped (players receive a full set of V0/V1 as a participation prize). I wish the rulers were stamped as well since they will be used throughout the year. They are WGP-exclusive after all. I’m a collector so this is pretty important to me. 


Jordan Tan Xuan You (Singapore)

1. I played Hanzo Machines. My prediction was machines would be big. I built this deck with my friends, we predicted and tested specific situations that would appear. 

2. The WGP was very enjoyable. The company itself really thinks about their players and really rewards their players for playing as a whole.


Federico Zoppini (Italy)

1. Lucifer. I wasn’t sure if it was the best deck, but after finishing top 8 I’m pretty sure it is the best deck. 

2. The WGP was good! Seven good, fun rounds. I will try to become champion again this year!


Naoyuki Yada (Japan)

1. I played Brunhild Black and White. Six black stones and four white. During testing I realized the blue mirror match was difficult, too much randomness. So instead I ran black and white, for the destruction and life gain! The fallen angel resonators are also nice and big. The best card is by far Spear of the Valkyries. Mono-Black isn’t bad, but we absolutely wanted to play Spear of the Valkyries. Odin’s judgment was also a key card. 

2. The WGP was very nice. All the players were really gentle. Everyone is also really high level; high level players and high level judges! This tournament is very important, so I’m glad to see so many high level players and judges come.