Episode 95 - The Decisive Battle of Valhalla- God’s heir

The moon in the sky was illuminating Oborozuki as she pondered the situation

“Soon, this "Valhalla" will also be destroyed. My foresight is never wrong, and it will be impossible to avoid it. If that is the case, then there is only one outcome I should aim for.” 


Below her, Alice and Nyarlathotep, trapped in the dark barrier, came to a truce. Dark Alice also returned to the figure in puppet, but compared to before, her mouth was bent worse and looked dissatisfied.

"Don't be so dissatisfied. If I embody you in this world, my magical power will be exhausted too much."

Alice wondered to herself. “It is troublesome to be stuck, but I still do not understand what Oborozuki is trying to do. Even if we could break out, it would probably be fatal… maybe we just need to talk this out.”

"So what are you going to do now?" Alice asked Nyarlathotep 

"Exchange information. Hehehe, please tell me no lies."

"That's my line. Okay, lets exchange information. Who is that vampire?"

"One of the returnees, like me, who came to this world with a part of the power of God. I was in Sandora when I came to this world. The transcendence of that country told me they were waiting for the return of God’s Power, and that the time for the resurrection of God was near.  They were longing for the resurrection of the supreme god Atum. The vampire was accompanied by Athenia, Sealed God. I fought with her, and she told me, "If you want to fight and gain more strength, you should fight other returnees. "

"How many returnees"

"Oborozuki said that there is basically one person in each world, Misteltein, Kaguya, Zhoge Liang, Guinevere, Schrodinger, Rikyu, Algernon, Oborozuki, Astema, and I. It seems there is an irregular person like you.

"What? Schrodinger? "

"Hehehe, but this is a mix of lies, no, not quite true. Schrodinger is a dummy."

"How do you know that?"

"I am sure. That's just how it is”

"You are just as annoying as usual."

Alice could tell though that Nyarlathotep was telling the truth. .

"Then, I also have a question." Nyarlathotep asked 

"Sure, as long as I can answer"

"That child. Is Lunya doing well?"

"Lunya? Oh, The child who likes a lie. Of course she is OK, because the current re-earth is peace itself ... that's what you want to hear? There is no guarantee that I can return to the original world, but If you have a message, I'll deliver it. "

"Well, i guess then I have nothing to say."

"I'm surprised. Say, do you still have a human heart?"

"No, but isn't the" heart "only for humans?"

"No. nevermind, what else do you want to ask?"

"How can I escape from here" Nyarlathotep asked

"Well, if I knew the answer to that, I would have done it already.” Alice scoffed at the girl 

“As soon as Oborozuki locked us in, she disappeared. Oborozuki even seemed to expect something from us. If she regards us as enemies, I would think she wouldn't lock us up and wouldn’t "wait" for something.” Nyarlathotep wondered aloud

"By the way, that vampire, she said that we can't get out of here unless we're also Valhalla's" main Gods "..."

Alice said it aloud, but couldn't find a solution. “Unless we are also the main god ... Or, the problems of this world seemed to be based on the battle of the ten main gods who once existed in Valhalla. Anyway, unless we get lucky and the god appears, we are going to have to think of something ourselves.

"Tweet! Tweet!"

Alice heard a voice from behind. “Oh, did this bird still stick to me? No, not only that, even after that battle, there wasn't a single scratch on it” She thought. As she looked at the bird, she realized his eyes were shining, and it began to glitter with an almost divine light

"Human beings are so inconvenient, I guess I’ll just have to speak in a way you can understand. Why don't you become the main god?"

The voice echoed. Did this bird speak?


Oborozuki felt that the perfect matrix collapsed in the distance and that the power was released. She smiled for she could tell her plan was going well.

"You must be the one working in the shadows then."

Oboruzki heard a voice from the shadow, and while she had never met the voice’s owner, she knew at once who she was dealing with.

"Garmheld, you seem to be quite quick to pick up on my plan.”

"My Lord sees everything from the beginning."

"If so, what are you going to do?"

"It's too late. Now that I'm back, our plan will soon be completed no matter what you do. This land, like Valhalla, is destined to perish due to the battle of the ten gods, and  Ragnarok by the Giants. "

Oborozuki heard a growl in the distance. So “Loki is once again planning to revive the giant who was the cause of the destruction of Valhalla”

"The preparation is almost complete, so at most all you can do is move around in vain."

And with that the shadow disappeared.

"Yes. Valhalla will perish again. It is inevitable."

Oborozuki sees the moon in the sky.

"But if it's unavoidable, we can make it "not happen"



"Is this my power?"

The golden bird transformed into a shining bolt of energy, Keraunos, and fell into Alice's hands. When Alice shook it lightly, a lightning struck and the Perfect Matrix disappeared in an instant. Alice heard a voice in her head as she used the power.

"Hmm, so this is the power you can manifest using Keraunos , it's not bad as a vessel."

"Only not bad? At this level?. Who are you?" She thought to the voice as if having a conversation

"My name is Zeus. One of the main gods of Valhalla and the Creator of your world. Once in Valhalla, our main gods fought and destroyed Valhalla, because of their overpowering power. I decided to divide my power into two. Creation and Omnipotence. My power of Creation is too strong, and so you need to find the power of Omnipotence to manage it.”

"You gave it to me who just came to this world by chance?"

"I've sealed it to give to those who have visited the land above the clouds, you were just the lucky one to get there first.

"Huh, well okay then.”

"The power of “omnipotence” will be a big trouble if it runs out of control, but considering your power, I think you can manage it. It might even be a perfect fit.”

"We might have some problems if you are going to be my boss..." Alice groaned

"Did you say something?"

"No, nothing” She quickly responded “So what should I do from now on?"

"Already, this Valhalla is about to collapse. It was designed by one of the main gods who was also the cause of the collapse of Valhalla. The name of the main god is" Loki ". Loki plans to revive the other main gods and giants again and she is trying to cause war. Only a god can stop agod, but if I use my full power, this world wouldn’t be able to take it. That's why I entrusted it to you. "

"So you mean, it’s my job to..”

"Stop Loki"

"Well, can't I refuse ...?"

"There can be no veto in God's will."

"I wonder if that kind of your personality is also the cause of the collapse of Valhalla ..." Alice grumbled under her breath

"Did you say something?"

"No, nothing.” Alice started to turn” Well, you can help me, Nyarlathotep. ... wait...where is she?"


At that time, Nyarlathotep was already flying away towards Sandora.

"It seems interesting to take God into that body. Then, should I just become a god-eating being?" she wondered to herself. In Nyarlathotep's eyes, even the god seemed to be a prey.


"My lord, Zeus seems to have begun to move." Garmheld spoke as he arrived in his home

"Garmheld, now that you are back, there is nothing to stop our ambitions. The game with this world is over. Come here, Garmheld."

"Yes, my lord"

In the past, by dividing her existence, Loki’s soul fell asleep here in the new Valhalla, and the divine power fell asleep in a different world like the other main gods.

However, the plot of "Loki" did not end, waiting for the return of the power of God in the new Valhalla, and trying to cause a war of destruction again. Loki was trying to destroy this world by returning the power of god by her half-body Garmheld, and by resurrecting the giants who were sealed with a complete her resurrection.

Garmheld was absorbed into Loki, and she, no, it’s existence once more became one of the gods who once ruled Valhalla.


"My name is Perfect Loki. Now it's the end time." Neo Ragnarok ""



With the resurrection of the giants, the sky was swelling, the earth was torn, and the sea was swelling. And while the moon in the sky was watching, the new Valhalla began to collapse.


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