The War of the Suns (H3) Questions & Answers (200223)


TWS-017R Summon the Wolf of Famine!
Question: Can I choose a light alternative card with total cost 2 from my graveyard to put it into the field?
Answer: No. An alternative card in the graveyard has characteristics of both halves combined, so it is considered a Chant card as well and cannot be chosen as the target.

TWS-025N Flighter of the Underground Fighting Arena
Question: Can I repeatedly pay a fire will and reveal this card to put a [400/400] token into the field?
Answer: Yes, you may! You can use this ability anytime you have priority, even during the opponent’s turn!

TWS-035R Age of Reign

Question: If I gain control of an opponent’s token resonator, does it count as an entity I control but not own? How about my own tokens?
Answer: The Comprehensive Rules has been updated to reflect that the owner of a token is the player who puts it into the field. So yes, if you control your opponent’s token, it counts and no, your own tokens do not count as you are their owner.