“Arcana Battle Colosseum” Format


“Arcana Battle Colosseum” Format

Player: 2 or more

Game time: 45min


Dear Rulers,


A new format has been introduced in Force of Will called "Arcana Battle Colosseum" (ABC for short). Unlike the Wanderer format, ABC games are played with two or more players.


ABC is a casual format designed to be played over a longer play time. To facilitate a more casual game, it has significant restrictions on deck building. However, these restrictions lead to the discovery of  fun and the use of old cards.


The game can be played with two or more players, but we recommend four players. We hope that this new format will allow everyone to deepen their experience of the Force of Will world.


The general rules for ABC are the same as for the Wanderer format. Here are the rules that differ:



Each player prepares one Arcana Ruler card.

* Please use other cards instead, as they will be distributed from time to time in the future.

Each player prepares their main deck, magic stone deck and their Arcana Ruler card(s). Each deck may have only one copy of any card with the same name without Basic Magic Stone. Players do not have sideboards or extra decks.

A main deck must contain exactly sixty cards.

A main deck cannot contain:

- Cards with no attribute.

- Cards with an attribute other than the starting Arcana Ruler’s attributes.

A main deck may have up to four Ruler cards without the Arcana type.

A main deck must contain exactly twenty cards with total cost 1 or less.

A main deck must contain at least fifteen cards with total cost 2.

A main deck must contain at least ten cards with total cost 3 or more.

A magic stone deck cannot contain a magic stone card with a printed will symbol other than the printed will symbols on the attribute of the starting Arcana ruler.


There is no [Energize] in ABC and the first turn also draws a card. The initial life is 6000.

ABC is a game of one winner, but all players begin and end the game at the same time.

ABC has an additional win condition: whoever wins 3 "Winning Crystals", which are awarded when the J-Ruler deals 600 or more damage, wins the game.

The ABC can only attack the next turn player and is attacked by the previous turn player; in a 4-player game, there is one player who can neither attack nor defend.

ABC distinguishes between "opponents" and "players". Opponent refers to the player whose turn it is to attack or defend. Players are all players in the game.

ABC can have a Ruler in the main deck. It can be played by Arcana Ruler's keyword ability.

[Convoke] [Attribute 1][Attribute 2] (Put a ruler from your hand into your ruler area with three convoke counters on it. Play this ability only during main timing.)


For more information, please see the rule sheet PDF.


Sample Arcana Ruler