Memoria Collection 03 Information


Dear Rulers enjoying Force of Will.


We are pleased to inform you of a special offer of PR card who purchased the box, Hero Cluster 6th Booster Pack "Judgment of the Rogue Planet" that will be released on 24th November 2023.



Each "Judgment of the Rogue Planet" box will include one PR pack of "Memoria Collection 03“.

The "Memoria Collection 03" contains 10 per pack.

The pack will include 3 types of cards that have appeared in the past, 3 types of errata cards, and 1 type of new card.


Check the list of cards below.

*These cards will be non-foiled on both sides.

*This pack will be included only first printed products.


Best regards,

Force of Will Team.



List of cards

MC03-NWE *4   A New World Emerges!

MC03-001       Prototype Magi Trooper

MC03-002       Deathmetal, Sea of Metal

MC03-003       Solari, Religious Nation

MC03-004       Oborozuki, Vampire Astrologer

MC03-005       Flute, Captive Dragonoid Child // Group of Comets

MC03-006       Faerur's Spell