Regarding the change in the number of cards in a pack


Greetings Rulers! 

We have a notice regarding the change in the number of cards in a pack.

We would also like to give you our thanks to you for playing Force of Will, and apologize that we need to make this decision.

Starting with Masterpiece “Pilgrim-Memories” the number of cards found in a single booster pack will be changed from 10 to 8. The main reason for this change is due to the increase in printing costs with the rise of raw material costs. We have worked hard to maintain our current prices through various measures, but this has become more difficult over time. Therefore, we have decided to reduce the number of cards in a pack in order to maintain current prices rather than raising the price of products.

Rest assured, we have also changed the product ratios to make it easier to collect cards overall, although some cards will be decreased in pull rate. Rest assured though that the while this is to cut costs, we promise that the products will still be to your satisfaction.

We hope you understand the need for this change, and thank you for your continued support of Force of Will.