Masterpiece "Masterpiece “Pilgrim-Memories”"


Dear rulers,


Thank you for your playing Force of Will!

The next product booster set, Masterpiece "Masterpiece “Pilgrim-Memories”" will be introduced.


This product is inspired by the Grimm Cluster and contains 20 Rulers found throughout the 4 sets, with 3 all new support cards per Ruler to give them a boost, a new extension rule, and a variety of Grimm Cluster Reprints! The Reincarnated Rulers and support cards from “Judgement of the Rogue Planet” will also be included, along with new Extension Rules to enhance their strategies. Pilgrim Memories will include other popular cards from outside of Grimm Cluster as reprints too, so it will be very easy to build entire decks using just this set! Because of all this new support, Pilgrim Memories will be a 180 unique card set, but the pack ratios have been adjusted to make sure all Rulers will be satisfied with their packs!


Another major announcement is that in this set, Uber Rares will be reintroduced, and there will be special packs that go even beyond the normal full foil packs that players have seen up to this point in Force of Will’s History!


Each Pilgrim Memories pack will only contain 8 cards, but this is to remove the “item” card slot (token, will coin, etc.) as well as 1 normal rare card from each pack. Don’t worry though, as the pull rate for higher rarity cards will be easier to obtain than ever before in this set!


We hope you enjoy this new product, and look forward to seeing what you come up with when the set releases!


(Please note that the cards found in packs will vary from pack to pack and from box to box)