Force of Will WGP2024


Dear Rulers,


We are pleased to officially announce that the Force of Will World Grand-Prix is scheduled to take place in Tokyo, Japan in the autumn of 2024. (The exact date and location will be announced later.)

We kindly request that you refer to local information regarding the regional GPs.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to announce that a GP will be held in Japan as well.


We would like to highlight the prizes that await participants at the GPs:

1.           The Top 3 players will receive the Metal Plate card.

2.           The Top 8 players will receive the Gold-coloured Uber-rare card.

3.           Four kinds of World PR cards. (Conditions to obtain may vary depending on regions.)

4.           Five kinds of WPR cards. (Conditions to obtain may vary depending on regions.)


Kindly note that specific procedures for obtaining these prizes will be provided from the hosts of GPs.


Rulers, we urge you to prepare yourselves for a thrilling competition, and we eagerly anticipate your presence at the WGP!


Best regards,

Force of Will Team.