Game of Gods Q&A



There have been errata on the following cards as explained in previous articles, so please take a look if you haven’t do so.

Errata on GOG-047 Fiethsing, 100 Years of Wizardry
Errata on GOG-075 Double Bind
Errata on GOG-080 Loki’s Strategy



[Revolution Order] is a new ability held by the new rulers from D1. Instead of [Judgment], you can now perform a Revolution Order process when you play a resonator spell, and that resonator spell cannot be canceled and instead will become a J-Ruler when it enters the field. Then, flip your ruler to its Order side into the Order area.

Q: Can I choose a resonator I control and perform a Revolution Order process to turn it into a J-Ruler?
A: No. You can only perform a Revolution Order process as you are playing a resonator spell. You cannot perform Revolution Order on resonators already in the field.

Q: If I play a resonator with [Quickcast] on my opponent’s turn, can I perform a Revolution Order process on it?
A: Yes. If your ruler is recovered and you have not perform a Revolution Order process that turn, you can do it!


Q: If I play Odin’s Gloom and choose the option to make my opponent banish a resonator, can he choose an ordered resonator he controls to banish?
A: No. An ordered resonator is no longer a resonator, so effects that only affect resonators will not affect it, and hence he will not be able to choose his ordered resonator to banish and must choose some other resonators.


Q: If I perform a Revolution Order on a resonator when I play it, and I control Arena Expansion Asgard, does that resonator gain [Drain]?
A: Yes. A resonator becomes a J-Ruler when it is ordered, so it will gain the [Drain] ability.





[Revolution] is a new ability held by resonators. The card gains the text after [Revolution] if it is ordered (which means you perform a Revolution Order process when playing it and it is now a J-Ruler)

Q: If I did not order Misteltein, Dark Sword Saint when I play it, will I still recover the card at the end of my turn and will I still be able to use the “Discard a card” ability?
A: No. All the text after [Revolution] only applies if the card is ordered. So in the case of Misteltein, it gains the 3 effects only if it is ordered!






[Force Command] is a new ability held by rulers and Orders. It has a associated with it and if you control a ruler or an Order with [Force Command] of a certain type, all your other cards will gain the text after [Force Resonance] of the same type.  For example, if you control Kaguya, God of Cats and the Moon, players cannot chase to Kaguya’s Moonwatching when you play it.


Q: If I control Kaguya, God of Cats and the Moon, can I banish a darkness magic stone to pay for the cost of Phantasmal Scarlet?
A: No. Kaguya, God of Cats and the Moon has [Force Command] , so the abilities after [Force Resonance] will not apply, so you cannot banish a darkness magic stone as an alternative cost for Phantasmal Scarlet.





[Tales] and [Villains] are 2 new keywords from D1. It is similar to [Will of Despair] and [Will of Hope] from previous clusters, so it is a deck building restriction in which if you have a card with [Tales] in you main deck, you cannot have other [Villains] cards in your main deck, and vice versa. This does not apply to your side deck though, so you can have both [Tales] and [Villains] cards in your side deck and this is how you can use the [Revolution] ability of Garmheld as well.