“Thoth of the Trinity” (TTT) Questions & Answers


Lehen, Legendary Explorer (TSD1-001) & Liberation of the Lights (JRP-007)

Question: Can I play Liberation of the Lights putting cards from my removed area in the bottom of their owner’s deck if a player controls Lehen, Legendary Explorer and/or Helen, Witch of the Ruins?

Answer: No, you can’t. The CR specifies that “If to pay the cost of a card there is an action that needs to be performed to reduce its cost, the cost of using that action is equal to the action that needs to be performed to do so.” So, for the purpose of the continuous effect of Helen’s/Lehen’s “Players cannot move cards from their removed area to another zone as a cost.” ability, the action of moving cards from the removed area to the bottom of the deck to reduce the cost of playing that spell is considered a cost, so that action cannot be performed, and the cost cannot be reduced this way.

Lehen, Legendary Explorer (TSD1-001) & Group of Explorers (TSD1-002)

Question: If while performing an Exploration effect I reveal Group of Explorers, can I play Group of Explorers from my removed area later during that game using the activate ability of Lehen, Legendary Explorer?

Answer: No. When Group of Explorer is revealed by an Exploration effect, their own ability is what puts them into the removed area, and not the Exploration effect. Thus, you cannot play them from your removed area using the activate ability of Lehen, Legendary Explorer, as it only allows you play cards from your removed area that were removed by an Exploration effect you performed.

Spirit of the Mirage Ruins (TSD1-005)

Question: If there is a Spirit of the Mirage Ruins in the field, can I stack a card above another card, or will that card be expelled?

Answer: Depends. The ability of Spirit of the Mirage Ruins doesn’t affect a card stacked above a J-ruler by [Reincarnation], but will affect a card being stacked above an entity, like with the second activate ability of Cheshire Cat, the Pilgrinning in Wonderland.

 Statue of the Misty Dragon (TSD1-013)

Question: I control a water J-ruler and its Ruler side has [Judgment], but the J-ruler side doesn’t. If I choose option 2 of Statue of the Misty Dragon targeting a non-water J/resonator and it is rested this way, will its DEF become 0 until end of turn?

Answer: No. To fulfill the requirement you need to control a water Ruler with [Judgment] or a water J-ruler with [Judgment] (and there is only one water J-ruler with [Judgment]:The Time Spinning Witch (WOM-057J).).