How to Play Force of Will


Force of Will Trading Card Game


Use your J/ruler avatar and generate will to summon resonators and play chants, to contest against your opponent’s forces.


In this turn based game, players trade off amassing the game’s resource, called will. They then use that will to summon resonators, use spells for support and eventually use their J/ruler’s Judgment ability to have their avatar join the battle as well. Judgment abilities are powerful and can turn the tide of the battle in your favor, so you’ll need all your skill to determine when to use this powerful ability! By using your forces you can attack your opponent, decrease their life points from 4000 down to 0, and win the game!


Your J/ruler


This card is your avatar. It starts the game with the Ruler side up. Each Ruler has its own unique abilities. When you pay your Ruler’s Judgment cost, it flips over to its J-ruler side, and joins the battle in the field with your resonators!



The Game Space


1.      Hand

Your supply of cards that are ready to be played. Keep your hand hidden from your opponent.

2.      Deck

Your deck made of cards other than magic stones, J/rulers and order cards. You draw cards from your deck to from your starting hand. All cards in your deck are face down and their order is random.

3.      Magic Stone Deck

Your deck with magic stone cards, waiting to be called by your J/ruler. Called magic stone cards are placed in the field. All cards in your magic stone deck are face down and their order is random.

4.      Ruler Area

You put your ruler here. You can play your ruler's abilities or rest it to call magic stones. You can also do a Revolution Order once per turn while you are playing a resonator to order that resonator to become your J-ruler. This will flip your ruler to its order side and move it to your order area.

5.      Field

The area where you put your J-rulers, resonators, additions, and magic stones.

6.      Graveyard

The area where you put cards that have been used up or destroyed. Cards put in a graveyard are face up. Any player may look at cards in either player's graveyard,


Basic Glossary



A player's minions. They can attack or block, and often have unique abilities.


Cards that apply their effects while resolving and are put into their owner’s graveyard afterward. The magic spells of Force of Will. Chants without [Quickcast] can only be played during your main phase when you have priority and the chase is empty.

Chase To


Cards that enter the field and provide a constant effect.


The magic power and resource of this game. It may be of one of the five attributes or of no attribute.

Magic Stone

Cards that can produce wills. They start the game in your magic stone deck and are put into the field by calling them.


To move the top card of your deck to your hand.


Cards laid vertically to show they may still act that turn.

A symbol that some activate abilities may have. It means that a player must rest the card in order to play that activate ability.


By resting one or more magic stone cards, you can produce will. Use this produced will to play the cards in your hand by paying their costs, or play abilities of cards in your field or ruler area by paying that ability’s cost.