FoW TCG tournaments are one of two types: Constructed or Limited. Constructed formats require players to bring decks of their own cards that follow all deckbuilding rules. 

New Frontiers : 

Players may use only cards from the last two clusters released. This format is based on clusters rotation which happens as soon as the first set of a new cluster is released. Currently all cards printed in the Reiya and New Valhalla Clusters are legal in New Frontiers. 

Wanderer : 

Players may use cards from all released sets and non-sets to build their decks, with the exception of cards from Valhalla cluster. 

Origin : 

Players may use cards from all released sets and non-sets to build their decks. Origin format may be played in two different modes: Origin/Valhalla (with Lifebreak) and Origin/Bifrost (without Lifebreak) 

Cluster : 

Players may use only cards from a specific cluster. (See A3 chapter for more information.) 

Cluster Division

Valhalla Cluster

Starter Decks: Knights of the Round Table, Wolves of the Raging Flames, Royal Palace of the Roaring Seas, Magic Circle of the Hurricane, Jet Black Phantom

Sets: The Dawn of Valhalla, The War of Valhalla, The Shaft of Light of Valhalla


Grimm Cluster

Starter Decks: Alice vs Dracula, Lumia vs Snow White

Sets: Crimson Moon’s Fairy Tale, The Castle of Heaven and The Two Towers, The Moon Priestess Returns, The Millennia of Ages, Vingolf 01: Engage Knights


Alice Cluster

Starter Decks: Faria Vs Melgis Dual Deck, Arla Starter Deck, Valentina Starter Deck, Machina Starter Deck, Pricia Starter Deck, Rezzard Starter Deck

Sets: The Seven Kings of the Lands, The Twilight Wanderer, The Moonlit Savior, Battle for Attoractia, Vingolf 02: Valkyria Chronicles


Lapis Cluster

Starter Decks: Lapis Starter Decks

Sets: Curse of the Frozen Casket, Legacy Lost, Ruler All Stars, Return of the Dragon Emperor, Echoes of the New World


Reiya Cluster

Starter Decks: Reiya Cluster Starter Decks, The Lost Tomes

Sets: Ancient Nights, Advent of the Demon King, The Time Spinning Witch, Winds of the Ominous Moon


New Valhalla Cluster

Starter Decks: New Valhalla Cluster Starter Decks

Sets: New Dawn Rises, The Strangers of New Valhalla

Basic Rulers: BSR-001, BSR-002, BSR-003

Alice Origin Cluster

Starter Decks: Alice Origin Cluster Starter Decks

Sets: Alice Origin Ⅰ, Alice Origin Ⅱ, Alice Origin Ⅲ, Prologue of Attoractia

Saga Cluster

Sets: The Epic of the Dragon Lord, The Magic Stone War - Zero, Rebirth of Legend, Assault into the Demonic World, The Seventh

Duel Cluster

Starter Decks: Tales Deck, Villains Deck

Sets: Game of Gods, Game of Gods Reloaded