Game of Gods Revolution (D3) Questions and Answers


Question: If I played this card, but I have less than 3 cards left at the end phase, do I still need to discard?
Answer: Yes. If you have less than 3 cards during the end phase, you have to discard all your remaining cards in your hand.

Question: Do I have to discard three cards if I somehow get to play this card during any End Phase?
Answer: Yes. If you somehow play this card during the End Phase, then the automatic ability will trigger at the beginning of the End Phase of the next turn, as it is a delayed automatic ability.

Question: I searched my deck for a Dragon while resolving the [Enter] ability of this card, but could not find any. What do I do now?
Answer: You only shuffle your deck, as everything else only happens when you actually found and revealed a Dragon.

Question: I revealed a Dragon and tried to put it into my graveyard, but a replacement effect moved it to my removed area instead. Does Daji still deal damage?
Answer: Yes, because the condition is “revealing a Dragon”, not “revealing a Dragon and putting it into your graveyard”.

Question: If I ordered this card, can I put the Dragon I revealed while resolving the upper [Enter] ability into my hand when resolving the lower [Enter] ability?
Answer: Yes, you can, but you need to add the lower [Enter] ability to the chase first, so that it will be resolved after the upper [Enter] ability.

Question: What do I have to pay for the very first activation of its activate ability?
Answer: If you haven’t played the activate ability of this card during the current game already, X is 0, so you pay [0]. Please note that if you control multiple copies of this card in the field, each of them is tracked separately.

Question: If I activate the ability of Mechanized Armored/Blade Dragon, and Mechanized Flame Soldier is in my graveyard, can I trigger Flame Soldier’s ability and put it into the field?
Answer: Yes, Mechanized Flame Soldier will trigger because a Machine, Dragon resonator entered, even though you banished it afterwards.

Question: Can you please explain the trigger condition of its automatic ability?
Answer: Its automatic ability will only trigger if a resonator enters the field under your control that has at least the two races Machine and Dragon. It may have additional races, but Machine and Dragon are mandatory.