A New World Emerges… (H1) Questions & Answers (180822)


Question: Why is the back of my ruler not a J-ruler, and has a red-colored back instead? Furthermore, how do I judgment?
Answer: From this set onwards, rulers without Judgment will have a special red-colored back instead. In this set, you do not judgment but instead form contracts with a new non-Moonchild ruler!

Question: Why is there a J-Ruler at the back of a chant? Is that a misprint? And what does it mean to contract this card?
Answer: This is a Contract Chant! Contract Chants have J-rulers printed on the back side, and if you meet the requirements in a Contract Chant, you can contract it with a new non-Moonchild ruler and it becomes a J-ruler!

Question: Does Contract Chant work similarly to Revolution Order? Does it gain “Players cannot chase to this card.” like how Revolution Order work?
Answer: No. You need to have specific Moonchild rulers in order to perform a Contract Chant, and Contract Chants can be cancelled, so the contract is not guaranteed.

Question: Are the requirements for Contract Chant similar to Judgment? Do I need a recovered ruler? And can I perform Contract Chant if I called a magic stone this turn?
Answer: No, Contract Chant is different from Judgment. You can contract with a named ruler even when it is rested, or after you have called a magic stone. If you have not called a magic stone this turn, the J-ruler that enters can call a magic stone. Furthermore, the ruler does not go into the Astral condition as it does not have [Judgment].