Banned/Combinated Banned List


Hello Rulers!

The World Grand Prix 2023 has ended! The competitive season of 2022-2023 is over, and a new season begins!

We hope you enjoyed as much as we did WGP2023. We loved the decks of the Top 8 of the WGP. They are really powerful. We want you to be able to play those decks, to compete with them, to use them against the new decks of Clash of the Star Trees to experience the power of the WGP2023 in your own hands!

During the WGP, we gathered a lot of information about how the banned list and combination banned list affects the game. About the joy or the sadness of every new update. About how and what we should focus in in future updates. We have used that information in this update of the banned and combination banned list. Thank you.

As we promised, this new update will remove cards from both lists: five and half from the banned list and six from the combination banned list. We hope you enjoy our choices.

This is the new update to the banned list and combination banned list of Force of Will!


Effective date: 08/09/2023

·      Wanderer

No longer banned

o   Change the World, Orb of Illusion (TTW-096)

o   Captain Hook, the Pirate (CFC-037, L3 - BB)

o   Mariabella, Sincere Engineer (MC02-002)

o   True Blade of Spirits (ADK-113)

o   Sacrificial Altar (AOA-100)

o   The Origin of the Seven Lands (PofA-112)

No longer in the Combination Banned List

o   Machina, the Machine Lord // Machina, the Mechanical Emperor (SKL-087) + Little Maria, Archaic Legacy (TWS-042)

o   The Last Secret Sword (AO3-085) + Raging Messiah (TWS-028)

o   Shrine of the Dragonoids (EDL-035) + Blade Dance (CMB-019)

o   Inferno (TST-086) + Summon the Dragon of Death! // Unknown Mother Goose Chronogear (TWS-084)

o   Conclave at Dragon Mountain (GRV-012) + Zhuge Liang, Perfect Strategist (GRV-026)

o   Eternal, Artificial Archipelago (NWE-064) + Ark's Gears Grail (CMB-070)



This is how the Combination Banned List and the Banned List look like: (as of September 8th, 2023)

Wanderer Banned List

1.    Interdimensional Vessel, Apollo (TMS-094)

2.    Laevateinn, the Demon Sword (TTW-099)

3.    Angelic Battle Barrier (NWE-001)

4.    Tea Party Before the Decisive Duel (GRL-014)

5.    Warhorse (HSD-004, NWE-011)

6.    Child of the Fire Moon (NWE-013)

7.    Milest // Milest (MSW-026)

8.    Sprinting Steward (NWE-021)

9.    Sudden Manifestation of Power (GOG-031)

10. Alecto, Unstoppable Fury (TST-024)

11. Mariabella, Sincere Engineer // Heart-to-Heart Talk (ROL-013)

12. The Cheshire Cat's Assistance (ENW-049)

13. Umr-at-Tawil (ENW-051)

14. Fiethsing // Fiethsing (MSW-053)

15. Generate Replicant (TWS-055)

16. Gretel (CMF-069)

17. Law of Silence (CMF-071, VIN001-054)

18. Lykeion, the Magic Academy (EDL-062)

19. Magic Beanstalk (MSW-056)

20. Magical Dragon (EDL-064)

21. Melfee, Traveling Sorceress (ROL-017)

22. Otherworld Dreams (ADK-106)

23. Sinbad, the Windrider Merchant (MPR-068)

24. Severing Winds (ENW-063)

25. Wall of Wind (TMS-064) (WL005)

26. Demonic Dead (ENW-074)

27. Echidna, Mechanized Monster (GRV-051)

28. Spirit of Decay (GRV-060)

29. Vergilius, Rebel Against Satan (TST-063)

30. Aristella, Twin Prince (NWE-057)

31. Belial // Belial (TST-073)

32. Carlina // Carlina (TST-075)

33. Deathmetal, Sea of Metal (TUS-061)

34. Engineer of Eternal (NWE-063)

35. Sealed One-Eyed Dragon (NWE-079)

36. Sigurd, the Covenant King (AO3-082)

37. The Great Wall of the Twelve Sacred Knights (HSD-012, NWE-083)

38. Zeus, the First Olympian // Order of the Olympians (GRV-087)

39. Painter Gears (TUS-097)

40. Prototype Magi Trooper (NWE-095)

41. The Magic Stone of the Six Sages (MSW-102)


Wanderer Combination Banned List

1.    Pumpkin Witch (CMF-088) + Asuka (HSD-020) & Asuka, Gravekeeper of Tsukuyomi (NWE-058)

2.    Whisper from the Abyss (TAT-090) + Inferno (TST-086)

3.    Whisper from the Abyss (TAT-090) + Typhon, the Infinite Monster // Order of Infinity (GRV-085)

4.    Excalibur, the God's Sword (TTW-097) + Ayu, Multidimensional Wanderer (GRL-006)

5.    Null Magic Stone (TSW-149) + Zhuge Liang, Perfect Strategist (GRV-026)

6.    Invitation to Valhalla (WOM-113) + Brad, Amnesic Immortal (CMB-041)

7.    Lailah, Maiden of the Swamps (AOA-092) + Child of the Ethereal Moon (TUS-025)

8.    Mikage Reiya (AO3-046) + Zombie Returning from the Paramita of the Dead (NWE-086)

9.    Welser, the Progenitor of Magic (EDL-074) + Pricia, Seeker of Friends // Pricia's Big Show (ROL-018)

10. Welser, the Progenitor of Magic (EDL-074) + The Sword of Progression // Genesis Chronogear (TWS-065)

11. Magic Stone Research Institute (MSW-087) + Phantasmal Ascendant (DSD-006, GOG-026)

12. Atomic Bahamut (ADW-016) + Atomic Turbulence (ADW-020)

13. The Witch of the Fallen Kingdom (ADW-072) + Phantasmal Ascendant (DSD-006, GOG-026)

14. Phantasmal Ascendant (DSD-006) + Magic Stone of Eclipse (TSW-101)

15. Isis, Heat of the Sand (GOG-023) + Magic Stone Dance of Chaos (GOG-024)

16. Hanzo, Ninja of the Moon (GOG-050) + Kaguya, God of Cats and the Moon // Order of the Moon (GOG-078)

17. Hanzo, Ninja of the Moon (GOG-050) + Hologram of the Crimson Moon (CMB-035)

18. Guinevere, Space-Time Watcher (GRL-030) + Dexia's Advice (TUS-026)

19. Setting the Stage for Providence (GRL-034) + Child of the Light Moon (NWE-003)

20. Setting the Stage for Providence (GRL-034) + Magic Stone of Reign (TWS-098)

21. Alice, Tales of Creation // Order of Genesis (GRL-067) + Tales of Phantasia (GRL-083)

22. Typhon's Antibodies (GRV-066) + Typhon's Blood (GRV-067)

23. Themis, Mechanized God of Law (GRV-064) + Typhon, the Infinite Monster // Order of Infinity (GRV-085)

24. Squirrel of Solari (NWE-045) + Reconnaissance Gears (TUS-098)

25. Eins (NWE-090) + Raging Messiah (TWS-028)

26. Eins (NWE-090) + Garfie, Administrator of the Great Dimension Library (CMB-043)

27. Iga, Village of Assassins (TUS-069) + Rocket Dive // Pink Spider (TUS-079)

Change the World, Orb of Illusion (TTW-096)

When Change the World, Orb of Illusion was banned, Reflect, Child of Potential was the best deck of New Frontiers. But it was too powerful and no other deck could play against it. That happened in the past. In the present, in Wanderer, Reflect, Child of Potential is a good deck but is not as popular as it was in the past. We wanted to remove from the banned list Change the World, Orb of Illusion at the beginning of the Hero Cluster, but we knew that Reflect, Resident of the Wanderers’ Castle was about to be printed, so we decided to wait and see its impact in the game. Now, after nine months from its release, we have decided that the most popular Wanderer twins should have the chance to regain its popularity. With that in mind, Change the World, Orb of Illusion (TTW-096) is no longer banned.


Captain Hook, the Pirate (CFC-037, L3 - BB)

When Captain Hook was banned, one of the most popular rulers in New Frontiers was Lumia, the Fated Rebirth. In that deck, Captain Hook had the ability of winning the game by choosing the special magic stones of their opponent every turn. With that in mind, players had to make very interesting choices when building their decks and their magic stone decks, often using non-special magic stones. Now, after more than five years, there are many good and new answers to the [Enter] ability of Captain Hook, and Lumia, the Fated Rebirth is not popular as it was. As we want the players to be able to experience the power of Tell a Fairy Tale, we have decided that Captain Hook, the Pirate (CFC-037, L3 - BB) is no longer banned.


Mariabella, Sincere Engineer (MC02-002)

As we always say, we listen to you, our community. We read the comments on the YouTube videos and in the social media, because we want to know what do you think of Force of Will. Many of you pointed that the resonator part of the Alternative card Mariabella, Sincere Engineer // Heart-to-Heart Talk (ROL-013) was not a problematic card, and you were right: the chant part of that alternative card was the reason to put it into the banned list. With that in mind, we have created a new card: Mariabella, Sincere Engineer (MC02-002). As it is a different card, is not in the banned list.

Please, remember that Mariabella, Sincere Engineer // Heart-to-Heart Talk (ROL-013) remains on the banned list and cannot be played in Wanderer.