The Underworld of Secrets (H2) Questions & Answers (181122)


Question: What exactly is the EX Area?
Answer: The EX Area is a new area which is unique to certain rulers, providing the players playing them a certain number of spaces for which to put cards in, often gaining powerful effects and abilities. Currently, we have the EX Area and the EX Area available.


Question: How does [Fusion] work exactly?
Answer: [Fusion] (Race) is a new keyword from H2. You may choose to play cards with [Fusion] (Race) as an addition added to a J/Resonator that has the stated race, so the target gets a boost in [ATK/DEF] as well as gaining the other abilities of the card.


Question: These cards refer to having no ice counters on a ruler named "Ki Lua, Fossil Girl of Melted Ice". So if I don’t control that ruler, does it mean I fulfill the requirements?
Answer: No. The requirement is to have no ice counters on "Ki Lua, Fossil Girl of Melted Ice". So if you do not control the ruler, you will not fulfill the requirements.


Question: If my opponent controls a J-ruler with 1000 DEF and a resonator with 500 DEF and has already 200 damage on it, does this card deal 900 damage to that J-ruler and 400 damage to that resonator, destroying the resonator?
Answer: Yes. The damage dealt is equal to the DEF of the J/Resonator minus 100, ignoring the amount of damage already on them.


Question: If “Windia, Member of the Twelve Sacred Knights” is in battle with a 900 ATK resonator, do “Windia, Member of the Twelve Sacred Knights” take damage from the resonator?
Answer: Yes. The damage is dealt during the normal battle resolution step simultaneously before ability of “Windia, Member of the Twelve Sacred Knights” is triggered.


Question: Will the J/resonators that enter the field after resolving Entangling Web be destroyed?
Answer: No.


Question: If there are no ice counters on my ruler "Ki Lua, Fossil Girl of Melted Ice", but 3 ice counters on another ruler, can I still contract this card?
Answer: Yes. This card only refers to ice counters on "Ki Lua, Fossil Girl of Melted Ice".


Question: If I search for two fire/water attributes cards with different names and remove them from the game, do I deal 1000 damage to each J/resonator my opponent controls and draw 2 cards?
Answer: Yes, you do.

Question: Can I choose which cards in my EX Area I want to flip face down? Or must I choose all?
Answer: You must choose all or none.

Question: Which targets are legal for its [Enter] ability exactly?
Answer: The [Enter] ability can target resonators with cost equal to or less than the number of attributes that resonator has. In other words, it can target a 1 cost resonator of one attribute, or a 2 cost Fire/Wind resonator for example.