Episode 140 - DEATH WING FÜNF : The Ruined Nation

"Hahahahaha! The power of death is awesome! Receive my blessing!"

Reinhardt had a string of mishaps.

He was a descendant of The Ethereal King. The Ethereal King appeared in this world in the form of manifestations in Reinhardt's body, and when this happens, the spirits that used to serve him come to the king in large numbers. The spirit bodies were perfect as a force for battle, even as a crowd. Except, however, Reinhardt wanted to live quietly.


Furthermore, as he was led here, he was in ongoing trouble due to the effects of his arrival. Specifically, a mysterious man dressed in black appeared and attacked him without question. He said something about a blessing, but it was clearly not normal, and that blessing seemed to be a curse, his words and attacks were not normal, and if not taken seriously, Reinhardt would not be unscathed.


Still, Reinhardt was able to stay alive thanks to the spirits around him.


"Mr. Reinhardt, please step back for a moment. That blessing smells like death. And then there's the smell of Solaris also."

The good news was that there was a sensible prince among the spirits. The spirit that has recently appeared is helping Reinhardt with sound advice.

"Now, how do we fight it off? It's going to be difficult to defeat it completely. ......"

His name was Dexia.