Episode 141 - Serenade Vier : Eternal, Artificial Archipelago

Now, Aristella and Falchion were engaged in a battle against the twin Deathscythe.


The battle had been going on for several hours and had entered a stalemate.


The twin Deathscythe has the power of rejection. Against the power of Cocoon, it was strongly exerted. Due to its rejection, even the attack of the Falchion, who had become Justice, could not reach the Deathscythe. Aristella's Excalibur Chronogear was now useless. The Black Sun was keeping its power in check.


However, reinforcements were rushing to Aristella's side as well. Hyde, the ninja who guided Aristella through the underworld; Ki Lua, a visitor from the underworld who manipulates dinosaurs that had been sleeping in the glacier; T2, a metallic life form brought by Melira, and the mysterious duo Reflect and Refrain.