Episode 65 - The Destruction of the Portal (Gill’s story)

Leaping down from Alexandrite, Gill used the winds to cushion his landing. 


“Am I too late?”


In the distance, smoke could be seen rising from the elven castle. Gill’s prediction was right, the elf portal protecting the lands had been destroyed. The invasion of the Demon King had begun earlier than he had hoped. The portal now destroyed, the sacred land of the elves, once hidden away, had materialised this world. Nearby, elves could be seen battling strange monsters. Among them, Gill recognized some familiar faces.


“Cecil! Tia! Are you alright?”, Gill exclaimed.


“Is that you Gill? We’re alright, but our father stayed behind in the castle to let us escape!” explained Tia, “Exactly what occurred at the Sacred Temple? What are these creatures?”


“No time to explain. I’ll head to the castle, you two stay here and guard the area!”, Gill shouted as he stormed off. 


“Okay, just please… save our father!”


Gill made his way to the elven castle when suddenly an elf appeared from within the forest. The elf had the appearance of a boy, clearly still an adolescent, and yet had an aura of intelligence around him. Gill could tell at a glance that this elf was talented.


“Take me with you.”, the boy demanded


“And who are you?, Gill asked.



“I’m Ciel.”, he replied. 


Gill once again, recalled the visions he saw in his dream. Overwhelmed with déjà vu, he had a feeling he had met an elf similar to the one before him before, but couldn’t quite place where. 


“I see. You can come, but I ain’t slowing down for any dead weight.”, Gill replied.


“Oh don’t worry, I can fend for myself.”, the boy chimed back. “Mikay! Let’s go!” With that, Ciel’s familiar, a cat named Mikay, climbed onto his shoulder. Once again, Gill set off for the elven castle, this time with a new ally in tow. 


The two arrived at the elf castle, now wrapped in flames. It would seem the Demon King had sent his army through, as the castle now laid in ruins, filled with wicked creatures. If the castle was in such a state, then what had become of king Faerur?


“Ciel, for starters, we’ll take out those guys. Can you handle it?”, Gill asked as he pointed at the creatures. 


“No problem.”


The two rushed out onto the battlefield, swift as the wind. As the sun began to sink, the two managed to clear out the majority of the creatures in the vicinity. By now, the castle had become nothing but scorched earth. It was clear that the creatures they defeated were only an advance party, the main force was due to arrive at any moment. Would they hold out until Taegrus appeared, or would they be annihilated before that? Gill watched Ciel and could see the fatigue in his movements, but was nonetheless surprised by the strength of his magic. 


“So you CAN fight, who taught you magic?”, Gill inquired.


“Self-taught. I don’t like to be shackled by others, the wind should be free, after all.”, Ciel replied. 


“So what brings you here?”, Gill inquired further. 


“These guys trashed my study room so I came out for a little revenge”


“I see! In that case let’s teach these guy’s a lesson they’ll never forget!”, Gill exclaimed, when suddenly the scattered corpses of the creatures began to drift up and fly back, only to be absorbed by a Wicked Spirit. 


“Show off.”, Gill said under his breath.


What had appeared was a being of a class unlike the creatures before, a wicked spirit. With it, arrived more monstrous creatures and the dark elves. These dark elves had been reduced to nothing more than pawns, no longer with a mind of their own...and among them was Frayla. Gill instinctively ran to Frayla’s side. Noticing him, Frayla began to mutter to him in a hazy voice. 


With the last of her sanity, she begged, “Gill… please, kill me.”


“Frayla… I’m sorry”


Gill soared through the battlefield. Using the power of the ultra magic stone, Gill cleared away the creatures and returned to Frayla’s side. However, as Frayla’s sanity had already begun to fade, she attacked Gill with an intent to kill. Facing this, Gill willfully chose not to dodge. Accepting her final blow alongside the grief that accompanied it, he carved the pain into his heart as if not to forget her. 



“Gill… I’m sorry I dragged you into this… I have one last request… I entrust my last surviving daughter, Lily, into your hands.”, Frayla asked in her last moments.


“Leave it to me.”, Gill replied. With that, he pierced her through with his wind blade. 


“Thank you…”


“My, my. Done in already?”, a female voice of what appeared to be the commander rang out. It was evident from her tone that she only saw the dark elves as pawns to be disposed of. 


“Just who are you people? Exactly what is your goal?”, Gill demanded.


“Our goal? Not even I understand that.”, the woman shrugged. “I simply let pure fury dominate my actions. That fury murmurs to me, it tells me to destroy this world.”


Gill braced himself for the coming fight, “I see, so asking you questions won’t get me anywhere.”


“There’s no point in asking anyway, you’ll be killed by me here.”


“Enough talk, let’s fight. I happen to be in a bad mood right now.”


Gill’s wind enveloped the wicked spirits.