Episode 94 - Liberation of the Sealed God-The Returnee of Chaos

When illuminated by the moonlight, I remember the red moon. A long time ago….


By the way, is she doing well? 


Hehehe, don't worry, that world has regained peace.


Once, Nyarlathotep was incorporated into Kaguya's time spinning. After that, she was supposed to be reincarnated by the reorganization of history and to be reborn by Yggdrasil. But she felt that "chaos" like herself was not suitable for the new world, and she used all her remaining power to push her own existence into another world.


Nyarlathotep arrived at a completely different world. It was a thirsty world covered in desert. There were many dangerous creatures with deadly poison, and rituals to sublimate heroes into gods were performed by people who longed for God. One condition to attempt the ritual was to be strong. It was a world where battles were fought in the arena and the only winner was a hero. Nyarlathotep was soaked in blood and fire, and she fought in the world with joy as she regained her power. Eventually Nyarlathotep was deemed a hero and underwent the ritual to gain the power of God. Up until that point, without exception, none of the heroes could bear the power of God and had lost their lives. 


At the end of the ritual, overwhelming power flowed into Nyarlathotep. She accepted that power, or to be more precise, that power accepted her. When the ritual was over, she found she had been transported yet again to a new world, New Valhalla


"Hehehe, I feel nostalgic, the power inside me says, I'm back."

The place she landed was called Sandora, a desert country. It was no coincidence that Sandora has an atmosphere close to the world where Nyarlathotep has been.

"I see, the ritual was also the selection of vessels, to bring this power here. In other words, the source of God's power is this world. Hehehe, This is interesting. To be the owner of such power”


Nyarlathotep was laughing. But was she laughing about her upcoming encounters? Or about more chances to fight? Even she didn’t know the truth really. 


Meanwhile, Alice and the others were discussing their situation.

"Well, is this around? Atom"

"Oh, according to the old literature left by my god, there is the earth Linorsphairia above the clouds. There seems to be the power of my god and one end of the sealed god in it.

"What is kind of god?"

"I don't know for sure."

"Well, I hope he is a big god who can fly freely in the sky and we can have a tea party on his backs ..."


"Ahhhh!" Ayu screamed. Alice and her party flew to the unmoving clouds in the sky and came right to a stop above them. However, Ayu couldn't fly, so she had clung to Atom's ear.

"Hey, Ayu, stop being so noisy, and let go of my ear!"

"Rabbits have big ears! No, no, wait a minute, and if I fall, I'll die!"

"It's okay. You should be able to ride on the ground in the clouds."

"is that a joke? It's a cloud? It's a fluffy cloud?"

"According to my god, there is earth in the clouds, so it's okay, I'll drop you soon."

"Wow, ok! I believe you. Ahhhhhh."

When Atom let her go, Ayu plummeted to the clouds, and rather than landing on the earth, she passed straight through.

"Oh, were you wrong Atom?" Alice asked

Atom picks up the literature and thinks about it.

"Well, the earth will not materialize unless I, who is God's agent, and those in another world join forces."

"Help me------!" Ayu's voice echoes and moves away.

"I will take care of her" Alice stated as she flew to catch Ayu

As long as she inherits the power of Kaguya a little, she will not die even if she falls, but it would still be a bad idea to let her get hurt.


"Hmm, I thought I was gonna die!” 

“Sorry about that Ayu, but here, drink some tea and calm down."


Alice and her party discovered Linorsphairia, a land above the clouds, and were now riding on the backs of large whales. This big whale is sealed in the earth above the clouds, the god Delphinius. Alice and others released it.



"This whale is also one of the sealed gods. Atom, are there many sealed gods in this world?"

"That's right. As I recently learned, the god who slept from the former Valhalla world and then came to this new Valhalla world may be revitalized."


In this new Valhalla, some of the former Valhalla gods drifted to various places during the collapse and fell asleep. They are called the sealed Gods. Alice and the others came to release the sealed god and make use of its power


"And now, as I know, the sealed God seems to be greatly influenced by the person who release him."


" Delphinius was not always such a big whale,  Although he was in charge of the whales ... but the fact that he looks this way is probably because of what Ayu said.” 

“ you mean when I wished for a big god who could fly freely and we could have a tea party on his back? That WORKED?” 

"Well, as much as it pains me to admit, yes.”

Without a break, Ayu turns to Alice and asks.

"Yeah, do you think so too Tweety"


“TWEET”  says the shining bird like a chick sitting on Alices’ shoulder. It came to rest there before they left linorsphairia, and Ayu just decided to name it “tweety.”


Alice looked at the bird and asked Atom

"Well, is this also a sealed god?"

"That's ... there's something I don't understand." He muttered

Every time Alice saw the glowing bird, she had a bad feeling. And she wondered if she can safely return to her original world.

"What should we do next? The reason you came to look for the sealed God was that you were preparing for the battle..."

"Yes. The seal of Kaguya was broken, the vampire from 100 years ago were resurrected, and returnees began to appear in each country. I don't think Lunar Haven should dominate this new Valhalla, but power is needed to keep the balance. and ... "


"It is thought that the sealed Gods released by other powers will be endowed with similar qualities and personalities, just as the seal god we released has become these large whales. If so, battle is inevitable."

"Well, I didn't come here to fight, so that's a problem."

"My Lord God also said," The mighty one should save everyone's life. "

"That means we need to fight to protect each other"

Atom’s face suddenly turned serious . 

"We have been found, most likely by the effect of releasing the sealed god. This power is ... one of the returnees."

As Alice sharpened her nerves, she felt the condensation of force approaching from a distance. It is a culmination of pure and ferocious power, as if a meteorite mass was approaching. A high-speed flying object from more than 10 kilometers away, it would be upon them in seconds, 

"I will protect this god and Ayu with defensive magic. Alice, fight with ease. It seems that it is looking for you."

“Don’t say it like its going to be so easy!”


That moment the meteorite-like object arrives, colliding with Alice and sending her flying to the ground. A pillar of smoke rising out of the crater formed by her collision with the earth.


When the smoke subsides, Alice wakes up and quickly gets to her feet

"Ouch.. that hurt… ugh and my favorite clothes have torn.."

"Hehehe, just a casual greeting. I wonder if you are ready for a fight? Alice"

"I would call that more of a  rough greeting. Nyarlathotep" Alice chided

"Human beings are taught that greetings are important, right?"

"It's rude for humans to attack one another out of nowhere. Didn't you learn etiquette?"

"I'm not human now, so I can't follow that practice."

Alice was frustrated by Nyarlathotep’s appearance, but also found herself wondering why the girl also appeared to be one of the 10 returnees that had come to this world, like her.

“Is it just a greeting? Or did you come here for something else?” Alice asked

"I’m searching for more fights, because that is my essence."

"Where were you, how did you get away from Re-Earth?"

"It was a very strange world. I kept fighting there and gained this power which is the ability to eat, transcend, and own the power of others. And then came back here. Hehehe, it's not a lie."

"How much do you know now?"

"Hehehe ... You asked me many questions, do you want to know? Well, if you beat me, I'll tell you anything."

Nyarlathotep laughed invincibly. From her expression, Alice could see that unshakeable confidence she knew so well. 

"Hmm ... OK then"

Alice was frustrated by being looked down on.She hated feeling so emotionally unstable, but knew that it was a side effect of fusing with Dark Alice.

"Okay Alice. I don't mean to be friends with you, so I think it's better to settle this battle. I'm sweet, but I’m going to go all out, even if it means you die!”

"Thanks for clearing that up for me, I was thinking that if you die, maybe  that girl would be sad, so I made some adjustments a while ago, buf if that’s how you feel I don’t think it’s going to be necessary!”

Alice holds her hand over the space and begins to summon a fairy tale soldier. The number of trump card soldiers depends on Alice's power and seriousness. The basic form is four soldiers from each suit, but suddenly there are 52 soldiers surrounding her ready to fight

"Each of these Trump card soldiers has its own personality Nyarlathotep. Warriors, wizards, bowers, monks, rangers, and ..."




“Spiral of Chaos”

Chaotic flames and vortices generated from the words of Nyarlathotep envelop the area. The  flames swell and constantly move in unpredictable directions. The more they try to escape from it, the more the flame hunts down the subject. The fleeing soldiers are enveloped in the flames and burned to ashes immediately. 

“No....that may be a neat trick, but I have plenty of soldiers to fight along with me ..."

Alice tries to summon additional Trump card soldiers, but nothing responds. It was as if the concept of the Trump soldiers themselves had been exhausted.

"Hey, Alice, were you so weak? Or are you just not getting serious yet? Don't let me down too much, my Spiral of Chaos not only burns the subject, but also has a second ability. It's a "rebirth of fire", and what is burned gets transformed into my species and is temporarily under my control. "

Just then, from the flames, what was a Trump card soldier rises up. It had a deformed shape that could said to be.. Otherworldly.


"I have no choise. I didn't want to do it because doing this would make my personality worse, but Dark Alice, it's your turn."


Alice threw her Dark Alice doll into the sky. The doll glowed and became a black crystal. Then, it was absorbed by Alice and she began to manifest both the powers of light and darkness..

"Nyarlathotep. I don't know where you went, but you have lived for far too long. Don’t worry though, I'll kill you properly this time." Alice said, covered in a black aura and staring at Nyarlathotep with a keen eye.

"Hehehe, the atmosphere has changed from a lie to a truth. It's finally getting interesting. Let's get started, until one of us dies." Nyarlathotep replied with a joyful smile.


It was at that time. The area was suddenly surrounded by darkness.

"Perfect Matrix" a new voice called out

A vampire appeared in the sky.It was the vampire, Oborozuki, who appeared 100 years ago.

"What do you think you are interrupting, Oborozuki?"

Nyarlathotep and Oborozukii seemed to know each other. 

"You said you wound’t disturb the fight! YOU SAID! I like to lie, but I HATE BEING LIED TO” Nyarlathotep growled at the new arrival.

The flames of Nyarlathotep attack Obrozuki. However, it was blocked by the dark barrier and disappeared immediately


"It's useless Nyarlathotep. Interference from the inside of my Perfect Matrix is impossible unless you are Valhalla's" King of the Gods. You showed me some power, but as a divine vessel, I would only consider you a barely passing candidate. 


"But I don't want you to be rough, so I hope you're going to stay quiet in there."

This time Alice and Nyarlathotep speak out at the same time.

"Don’t look down on me!”

The voices of Alice and Nyarlathotep echoed in the barrier, but they were also drowned out by the Perfect Matrix, and the silence soon came.

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