Masterpiece “Pilgrim-Memories” (MP01) Questions & Answers


Little Red Riding Hood (CMF-027, MP01-016) & Magic Stone of the Wolf's Night (MP01-018)

Question: Can I perform the Judgment process of “Little Red Riding Hood” if the only Moon that has entered the field under my control this turn is “Magic Stone of the Wolf’s Night”?

Answer: Yes, you can. When a card enters a zone with a continuous effect applied on that zone, the card enters the zone applying that continuous effect. So, as “Magic Stone of the Wolf’s Night” has a continuous effect that says “Treat this card as a fire Moon entity as long as it is in the field”, the requirement of the Judgment process of “Little Red Riding Hood” has been fulfilled.


Apple Roulette! (MP01-026)

Question: What happens if while performing the effect of “Apple Roulette” the life points of the player playing it become 0 or lower?

Answer: A card’s effect has to be fully resolved before a new priority sequence is initiated and rule process is checked. Hence, “Apple Roulette” will resolve until the number of times that a card has been revealed is equal to X. After which, if a player has 0 or fewer life, that player loses the game, and if both players have 0 or fewer life, the game ends in a draw.


Trials from Kaguya (MP01-038) & Alice, Zeus Incarnate (DBV-091)

Question: While deck construction, can I put “Alice, Zeus Incarnate” in the <Treasury> EX Deck using Trials from Kaguya?

Answer: No. Even though “Alice, Zeus Incarnate” says “This card has all races in all zones.”, this is not applied during deck construction and thus it cannot be in the <Treasury> EX Deck in the beginning of the game.