Episode 119 - The case of Alice

I woke up. Strangely, I woke up feeling rested!.

Then I went to the place of "duel". On the way there, I heard a report from Faria through Schrodinger. Dante had taken over Satan's power and returned to this world as a god. And, although it is a little complicated, it seems that Charlotte has separated, or more precisely, the seven powers of Satan have been passed on five dark spheres, Dark Charlotte, and Amadeus. But that would be an imperfect way to divide the power. It was not a stable power, I understood now.


And there was one more thing I understood. The power of "creation" in me would be enough to suppress Dante's power.


Alice's senses were, on the contrary, sharpened by having exhausted her power and having rested.

It was as if the forces were circulating well, or perhaps I should say adapting well. Perhaps the power of Zeus within me was growing stronger, but Zeus had not come out since our first contact. Anyway, it was a wonder that I did not think I would lose.


But still, Kaguya did her best.


Kaguya fought Odin's army with the help of Fiethsing, who had returned from the demon world, and the cats to buy time. In the end, they were defeated, but even if they lost the "duel," it did not mean that they would perish. It only restricts the use of power. So, for the time being, they will not be able to fight. I used my powers to unravel the rules of this world, and found that this restriction on the use of power is imposed on the "losers". Therefore, the "draw" is unaffected. I don't know what Nyarlathotep and Loki are thinking, but I am sure that the two who ended up in a "draw" are trying to do something secretly.


Anyway, what Alice had to do now was to defeat Dante in front of her. There were a mountain of problems, but in the end, they had to be solved one at a time.

"Well, now is not the time to think about it. Let's get this over with quickly. We need to get Charlotte back into one too!"

Alice descended into the dueling arena. Her appearance was more radiant than usual, filled with the majesty of a god. She was clad in the regalia of her imagination, created by the power of "Creation".

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