Episode 115 - The Case of Kaguya

Even God is not omnipotent. On the contrary, one could say that many things are sacrificed in order to attain supernatural power. This is especially true of the spiritual aspects. Their arrogances are beyond description, and they have no trace of humility, although "he" was far from humble before he became a god. ......


Now Kaguya was standing in a duel in the world of Maat. Once again, I sincerely wish that God would have a little humility and compassion.


A short time ago, in Valhalla.


There, a strategy meeting of Alice's side was being held.

There were actually three participants, though there were supposed to be five gods on their side, but the gods were not cooperative in any case.


A mechanical drone, probably from Deus Ex Machina, and Bats dispatched by Athenia (or Oborozuki?) are fluttering about and seem to be listening to the meeting, but Kaguya was concerned about whether they can get the message across properly. “ I'm not sure what I can do about it, but I'm worried.” she thought.


"What's going on in the demon world, Alice?" Nyarlathotep asked.

"Don't ask me anything anymore. I'm not a gofer." Alice replied with a dissatisfied look, because trouble kept being forced on her.

'Hmmm, it's just that your abilities are so useful it would be a waste if we didn't use it. Besides, didn't you send Schrodinger to the demon world because you were worried about them?"

“I'll try to get in touch with Faria and the others.”


In the Valhalla sky, the egg-colored moon shone anxiously.




"I see, the situation is not so bad, but ...... Kaguya, just try to summarize what I'm going to say in a way that's easy to understand." Alice asked

"What, me?" 

"Kaguya is not good at summarizing." Nyarlathotep chimed in

"I've never heard that information before, but ...... don't I sound like a subcontractor to a gofer?" Kaguya pondered aloud with an irritated tone.

Despite her complaints, Kaguya created a blank scroll in the air and began taking notes on it as she listened to Alice.




'Well, okay, I'll confirm the various current situations Alice has told me about. I have no idea why I am doing MC also, but if there are any problems, please point it out to us at your convenience. First of all, the Valhalla side is divided into the following two sides: ......"


The scroll Kaguya drew in the air said the following.


-The names of the gods of our side in Valhalla, (and here are my impressions!)


Alice (apparently she inherited the power of Zeus!)

Nyarlathotep (god of power harassment!)

Deus Ex Machina (No idea!)

Athenia (kind at heart, but scary! Taking a break for now)

Kaguya (me!)


-Name of the god of the opposing side in Valhalla (and this is my impression!)

Loki (a doomsayer and crazy!)

Odin (authoritarian jerk!)

Satan (you definitely don't want as a friend!)

Shiva (power freak!)

Genshi Tenson (smothering person!)


"Then, Alice, please explain the current situation."

Alice looks at the scroll and begins to speak.


"The situation in which the world of Valhalla was balanced by God's five against five has changed a little. The reason for this change started with Satan. Satan's world, the demon world, has often invaded our world, including in the past, but recently they have started to mess with us again. We sent Faria and others to Satan's world itself to counteract it and to strike at the power of the source. Kaguya, please go to the next page."




Kaguya's scroll spins around and opens to a new page. There was a map of the demon world, and on it, a little illustration. There were five figures of Faria and the others, six fallen angels, and Satan behind them. Kaguya drew the situation in an easy-to-understand, comical way, but there was no response from the others.

Kaguya thought they don't get the joke…


Alice continued her story.


"The situation in the demon world right now is like this. Satan is manipulating six fallen angels to attack Faria and the others. The demon world itself is the opponent's home, but we probably win this battle because we have collaborators who are also from the demon world. The fallen angels are unaware that their own fatal weakness lies in the demon world. If we win this battle as it is, we can weaken the power of the demon world and Satan. However,...... the real aim of the opposing camp is something else. Especially Loki's."

"Loki has other aims!" appears in large letters on the scroll. This was Kaguya's direction, but there was no particular reaction to this either.

”This is what Nyarlathotep told me, that Loki wanted to use the demon world as bait to merge Shiva's world with mine and take away their powers. Am I right?” Alice asks as she turns to Nyarlathotep.

"I guess so."

Nyarlathotep replies thoughtfully. She seemed to be a little concerned about something else, but there was no point in worrying about it, so she let it go.


“Now that the situation has become a little more complicated, let me review some of the knowledge that I have been able to sort out.”


“To deal with the demon world, I went to Re-earth to make contact with Faria and her group and told them about the hidden history (past invasions from the demon world). Then, I released Wolfgang, who was a resident of the demon world that had once invaded and had been sealed, from his seal and made him a companion in the invasion of the demon world. And now, the battle against Satan's fallen angels is supposedly being waged in the demon world.”


“At the same time, however, Loki was using the demon world as a diversion for another scheme. It seems that she was progressing with a plan to fuse the world with the world. In other words, she hoped that the invasion of the demon world would succeed, and even if it failed, she had a second plan in mind. She is not exactly known as the Trickster. There is a reason she is known as the trickster.:


The logic behind her plan was this. Right now, the world below Valhalla is divided into ten separate worlds, each of which is the source of the god's power. And it was Loki's idea to target the source of that power, to target the world of Alice (Zeus) and merge the worlds together. This was possible, in large part, because each world was endowed with its own peculiar characteristics.


For example, the nature of Zeus' world, including Re-earth (although Zeus now has Alice and Kaguya take over some of his power and control), is "diversity". It is also about accepting all things. This is what Satan's invasion of the demon world and Loki's plan to use Shiva's world to merge the worlds (perhaps Loki has given it a lame name that she thinks is cool) have taken advantage of.


The strategy to stop them is the plan devised by Nyarlathotep and Oborozuki. This one, the plan to prevent the Fusion of the Worlds (I call it the Apollo Plan! Hmmm, cool! Hmmm, cool!) is this. Briefly, we make a world jump in between two worlds that are approaching to merge. The nature of that world is that of a "duel," where everything is determined by a duel, and its laws are so binding that even a god cannot easily break them. And it works even when the factors of the duel are world-to-world.


The name of that world is Maat. It was once a world created by a god named Atum, but now its power has been inherited by Nyarlathotep (according to her story), who spoke directly with him.

If the world of Maat is allowed to intervene, it is said that a duel will take place based on the "rules" of god vs. god. Of course, if Loki's side wins the duel, the world fusion plan will go forward. Still, it would be great to be able to stop the invasion of the world with rules that can be controlled. And if we win, we can greatly reduce the power of our opponent. However, the role of interrupting the world is of course not easy. ......



"Alice, let my world come between yours and Shiva's."

Nyarlathotep says casually. 

Good thing is it wasn't me, I couldn't have done that in the first place. Would Alice be able to do it?

"No, don't push me. Even though I inherited Zeus' power, it doesn't mean I know how to use it."

"Hmmm, even with that, it should be possible with all your strength."

"Which means that I'm exhausted, right?"

"Yes, you will not be able to take a step for a while. But don't worry, the rules of Maat are "duels," basically a world of one-on-one battles to decide who wins. In this case, it is a five-on-five battle, and the "duelists" will fight one by one in turn. So, while Alice is sleeping off her exhaustion, someone else can buy some time. So, trust me."

”Nothing is more unsettling than trusting you." Alice snaps.

However, Alice seemed to have made up her mind that she had no choice but to do it. So, what can I do? ......

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I want to play with a cat"

I quickly try to leave the table. But sure enough, Nyarlathotep turned his sharp eyes on me. That's why I don't like Cthulhu. I have always hated Cthulhu.

I'll be the first to go. Next is you, Kaguya.

"Oh no! that's what I thought!"




And now Odin faced me, and his summoned dependents were waiting for the battle.


The rules of Maat's world. It is, as Nyarlathotep says, a duel.


This time, the 10 gods of Valhalla were invited to compete in a "defined" battle, with each of them divided into groups of five. Nyarlathotep says that the rules of the duel cannot be changed even by the god who created this world. On the contrary, the binding power of this world is quite strong, so that power can be brought in, but not out, unless it is through a duel.


The rules this time are that each camp will send out one duelist to win. If one of them surrenders or becomes incapacitated, the winner is decided, and if both fall, the game is a draw. In the final round, after five fighters have fought each other, the camp with the highest number of wins is declared the winner and gets what it is fighting for. In this battle, it seems that the "right to merge the world," which was the origin of the battle, will be awarded.


That was the general rule, but the rule of the 1 vs. 1 "duel" itself was also a problem. Nyarlathotep explained this when she arrived on this world.


"This world is a world of battles that are kind to the strong and harsh to the weak. Duelin in this world was originally a test to ascend to the throne of God. Therefore, this time, we, as gods, are mainly exercising an indirect influence. Each god can invoke those with whom he has strong ties and grant them divine power to fight. I call this "Order". It is interesting to note that the characteristics of the same divine power can vary greatly depending on the connection between the two. Seeing is believing, and I'll be the first to go out there, so see it as an example for you to fight." Nyarlythotep had said confidently.

The first match was between Nyarlathotep and Loki, but ...... Nyarlathotep fought Loki for a bit and then came right back. It also ended in a draw. 

It did not show me any examples of what to expect…

“Loki is quite formidable. Well, Kaguya, I'm counting on you in the next fight."

“Um, an example is ......”

"You learn such things in a real battle. I'm taking some rest, so you'll have to buy some time until Alice comes back, Kaguya."

"You were obviously out of touch! You and Loki both! It was something like a clean double knockdown!"


Whether she heard Kaguya's voice or not, Nyarlathotep quickly disappeared into the back of the room. What in the world was she thinking? ...... But in the midst of the battle, it seemed as if the will to fight had suddenly disappeared from both sides. Something must have happened with Loki. Moreover, Nyarlathotep does not share any information with us at all. That lady will never be a respectable member of society.


But Alice was running out of energy to create this situation, so we certainly needed to buy some time. Deus Ex Machina and Athenia have yet to make a move.


And now Odin was right in front of me. If this happens, I have no choice, fighting requires analysis. If you know your enemy and know yourself, you will not be in danger in a hundred battles. First, you must observe your opponent.


Odin is followed by an army of war maidens and faithful followers.


In contrast, I led what was essentially an army of rabbits and cats. I inherited some of Zeus' power and the power from Bastet. Zeus' power was depleted by the battle in Valhalla, when we used "time spinning.” In other words, the cat army is my main force now.


In other words, I was in big trouble.

"Wait, wait!"

Kaguya shows Odin first a pose of trying to calm down, but he is not the kind of person who would listen to her words. Misteltein, who has been given Odin's power by "Order," attacks Kaguya.

"Woah! someone, at any rate, help!"

Then, a gust of wind blows. Misteltein kept her distance, perhaps sensing the danger in the sudden appearance of that force. With the help of the god Kaguya, she appeared .......


"Oh dear, you really are a pain in the ass, Kaguya."

"Where have you been! And you were gone from the moon of Valhalla before I knew it!"

"I was in the demon world for a while, I had some things on my mind. Well, I guess I need to buy some time, right? I'll borrow some of God's power. I want you to do your best to support me, Kaguya!"


After more than 100 years, the two meet again with a nostalgic breeze.

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