Episode 116 - Considerations of Nyarlathotep(1)

The plan to fuse the worlds was prevented by the intervention of Maat's world. According to the Schrodinger sent by Alice, it will only be a matter of time before the demon world is conquered. It is unlikely that Satan's power will be completely reduced, but that is becoming less and less of an issue when it comes to determining the winner of the "duel". Loki's strategy should be limited when we brought them to this "duel".


But there are a few things that concern me. Including our teammates. In particular, the thought of a Deus Ex Machina are still a mystery to me. I like to fight and I like to dominate, but I cannot tolerate being dominated. Deus Ex Machina reeked of the unknown. The unknown cannot be controlled, so I had to find out what he was thinking.


That's why I went to the "duel" first.


A win would be nice, but a "draw" would also be fine. Then I can move in secret. I won't say it out in the open, because it would piss me off, but with the current Alice, it's unlikely that we would lose. The power she inherited from Zeus is quite strong. However, this is on the assumption that the opponent's side is the same power as at the time of Valhalla. I have a feeling that they will not go on as is, including the case of Deus Ex Machina. Because things are going too well. It is one of providence that when things seem to be going well, they are most dangerous.


And as time went by, this great feeling of foreboding became more and more certain, making Nyarlathotep wary.


The first player on their side was Loki. Loki seemed to be thinking about something as well. In fact, I could see that she wanted to be even more active in the background than I was. If it had been a battle between Loki and me, I would have assumed that it would take days to reach a decision, but this time we decided that it would be better for both sides to agree on our intentions.


This is why Kaguya's appearance was hastened, but at least she should be able to buy us some time until Alice is resurrected. If she loses right away, Deus Ex Machina will appear soon, which is not a bad scenario in terms of clues to his true character.


But what does it mean that Loki and I have the same interests, Nyarlathotep wondered.

"Then the first thing I will make sure of is..."

Nyarlathotep turned to Deus Ex Machina to find out what he was thinking and why he was supporting them. Since his arrival in this world, in Maat, he seemed to be waiting for something. “I should go to him to find out what this premonition is,” she thought

"You are here to see my Lord?"

Along the way, it was Guinevere, a returnee from the world of Deus Ex Machina, who appeared.

"Hehehe, you knew I was coming."

"Yes, my Lord said you would be here soon. You and the returnee of the parallel future."

"What do you mean?"

Creatures like you have intuition, which is something I don't have."

"Well, I appreciate the compliment, but I'm more interested in the returnees from a parallel future."

Then you may as well ask him directly. Because it looks like he just arrived."


A huge gulf of space had been created above Nyarlathotep. What appeared from within that gulf, which seemed to tear space and time apart, was a gigantic machine. As soon as it appeared, it spun and slowed down as it rushed in at breakneck speed, then came to a stop just short of the wall. A man emerged from inside, billowing smoke.

"...... Where am I? And "when?"

The man says.

"You ...... are not from anywhere in this world".

Nyarlathotep replied.

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